#AskBootcamp – What are your New Year’s Resolutions?
#AskBootcamp – What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

#AskBootcamp – What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

The New Year is fast approaching, which is the perfect time to look over your achievements from the past year and set yourself goals for the year ahead!

Northern Bootcamp believes that goal setting and action planning is a great aid for personal development.

Empowering our trainers is essential to creating the warm, accepting and inclusive environment of Northern Bootcamp. So, we gathered our trainers and set some camp aims for 2019:

  • We aim to inspire you to believe in yourself.
  • We want to motivate you to set and exceed goals.
  • We want to provide a better aftercare package for campers
  • We want to challenge you to try new things.
  • We want to help you release negativity and believe in yourself.
  • We want to help you escape your unhealthy routine and bad habits!
  • We want to create a positive headspace to help you focus on your mind as well as your body.

Team goals help provide a joint focus amongst colleagues, families and couples. Personal goals help YOU focus on exactly what YOU want to achieve and how YOU plan to achieve it!

Here are our personal New Year’s resolutions for 2019:

Fitness Boot Camp UK

“To spend more time with my toes in the sand!” Annie

Annie would like to spend more time on Bamburgh Beach, enjoying the outdoors and relaxing!

Fitness Boot camp UK

“Work on flexibility and posture, possibly go to yoga once a week.” Dan

Dan would like to attend yoga classes, connecting his body and his mind!

Weight Loss Bootcamp UK

“Plan less and be more spontaneous!”Leanne

Leanne wants to disconnect from time and enjoy where the moment takes her!

Fitness Boot camp UK

“Get back in the game and finish a 5K without stopping.”Bruce

Bruce was an ultra-runner, after two years of injury he plans on completing a 5k run again!

Fitness Bootcamp UK

“Complete a cross-fit competition, preferably with Dan in a mixed pair.”Caroline

Caroline would like to take part in her first cross-fit competition with Dan by her side!

Weight Loss Boot Camp UK


“Do the mud run for cancer research with a smile on my face.”Carla

Carla wants to raise money for charity whilst challenging herself physically!

In 2019, start the journey to success and exceed your goals with a boot camp!

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