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How does stress impact weight loss?

Northern Bootcamp’s fitness bootcamps are not just for weight loss, they also serve as a great way to improve your wellbeing and focus on your mental health. Learn how destressing can help with weight loss and how to avoid the negative side effects of stress in this guide: We all know that stress has negative […]

Bootcamp Basics: eating well on a budget     

When you think of healthy meals, one of the first things that comes to mind may be the cost of fresh and quality ingredients – especially in the current cost of living crisis, where some food staples have skyrocketed in price. According to recent research from Which, almost half of consumers are finding it harder […]

Adventure and Activities to stay Active

Fitness comes in many shapes and forms. Fitness is not all about running or lifting weights. At northern bootcamp, we pride ourselves in the variety of exercise and activity sessions that you can have the opportunity to experience. If you don’t enjoy running or the gym, that is no excuse not to develop your fitness. […]

Outdoor Activity Gift Experience Vouchers

Activity Gift Vouchers Treat your loved ones to fun and adventure with a unique gift experience voucher.  You can choose the adventure, or they can choose themselves. All activities take place in Northumberland with an experienced and qualified guide. Individual Activity Vouchers cost £40 and can be used for any of the activities listed. Gift […]

Activity Options for Guests

Staying at Goldenhill Retreats is no ordinary bed and breakfast stay – unless you want it to be. We have so many add on options to help enhance your stay and make sure you have a unique experience that surpasses all expectations. If you want to relax, read a book, visit the castles or walk […]

Online bootcamp case study

A FITNESS BOOTCAMP FROM THE COMFORT OF MY LOUNGE   Zoom Bootcamp A ‘normal’ bootcamp session with Bamburgh-based fitness experts Northern Bootcamp…but it’s taught online, so you can get involved from your lounge. Perfect for these lockdown times. Previous keen bootcamper Stephanie Klockner gives it a go. Northern Bootcamp, the leading fitness and weight loss bootcamp […]

Interactive Online Program @ Northern Bootcamp

For details of how to book please click here Monday 7:45 Core and Glutes (45mins) Tuesday 7am HITT – 30mins   Wednesday 6am Kettlebells – 45 mins   Thursday No Classes   Friday 7am HIIT Saturday 8:30am STRENGTH and MOBILITY – 60mins  

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