Cracking Christmas tips to be your festive best!

Advent calendars on the mantle piece, Quality Streets on the coffee table and a bottle of Baileys inside the fridge– it’s no wonder Christmas is a notoriously naughty time. Unfortunately, Christmas calories do count and staying active throughout the holidays is essential when establishing a routine for the upcoming year. The tasty temptations coupled with… Read More

Dan’s Paddle of Britain – Completed!

910 miles, (720 by kayak, 190 by foot) over 52 days and an amazing £25,000 for charity. Army veteran turned Northern Bootcamp trainer Dan decided he wanted to raise money for a charity with great personal meaning – the problem was he wanted to do something different from a traditional bake sale! The aim of… Read More

Join us for Bootcamp Kitchen Live!

  WHEN: Wednesday 16th January 2019 WHERE: Golden Hill, Northumberland DURATION: 9:30am – 16:30pm COST: £90 plus a £10 discount voucher for our very own Bootcamp Kitchen Recipe Book   Join us for our exciting ‘Bootcamp Kitchen Live’  event where will cover key skills to help towards making and cooking healthier food choices. Tasting snacks and samples of bootcamp food Cooking… Read More

Home HIIT workout with Caroline

HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training that you can do at home This workout, demonstrated by Bootcamp’s wonderful Caroline, aims to get your heart rate up in a short amount of time with quick dynamic exercises with little rest. So if you have a spare 10 minutes, join in! Let us know what you thought of… Read More

Keto Diet Q&A

We look into the new diet that is growing in popularity, the ‘Keto diet’, and answer some questions on the subject…      What exactly is the Keto diet, what does it involve? The keto diet or the ‘Ketogenic diet’ is a strict eating plan that consists of eating foods that are low in carbohydrates… Read More

Caroline’s advice on glute activation exercises

We talk a lot about glutes on camp! We also talk a lot about hip mobility which is strongly linked to the strengthening of glutes. We want to explain some of the reasons why this is important and how you can strengthen your glutes.     What are your glutes?  Your glutes are comprised of… Read More

Winter strength training tips

Caroline from Northern Bootcamp offers some ideas for staying strong (physically and mentally!) during the winter.   As the winter weather slowly arrives, this may have begun to have an impact on some of your training programs. The nights are getting darker and the mornings are taking longer to start. However, it’s the perfect time… Read More

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