Northern Bootcamp: non-military style

You may have seen pictures this week of the England football squad being put through its paces by Royal Marines on a military-style ‘bootcamp’ experience. It made for some great shots as footballers who, let’s face it, have something of a reputation as pampered millionaires, were subjected to some fairly brutal-looking treatment. It almost made… Read More

What is a calorie anyway? – #AskNBC

It’s almost impossible to talk about weight-loss, fitness, or dieting without the idea of calories coming up. Calorie-counting is often considered to be a vital aspect to weight loss, although we’re reluctant to focus on calories excessively. Instead, we like to focus on the nutritional value of food as a whole. Calories are essentially a… Read More

Capturing that Northern Bootcamp feelgood factor

We often talk about the ‘feelgood factor’ at Northern Bootcamp, but it’s really difficult to explain unless you’ve experienced it. It’s got everything to do with the feeling of working hard and reaping the rewards, hitting your targets, helping your campers on the way (and being helped!), learning new things about yourself, and genuinely achieving something… Read More

Ultimate HIIT session from Northern Bootcamp

Sample sessions are one of the most frequent requests we receive, so here’s a great one. Focusing on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), this is a tough session but it’ll raise your metabolism and will help you burn carbs for ages – even after you’ve finished exercising. On this page you will find: The full session… Read More

The dirty side of a triathlon

Olympic triathletes are prime examples of peak human conditioning, and nothing quite encapsulates human endurance and determination quite like a Triathlon. Just ask Dan and Bruce here at Northern Bootcamp – they’ve done their fair share of triathlons over the years and know exactly what it takes to complete the gruelling event. However, there is… Read More

Win a Bootcamp Kitchen recipe book!

It’s been three months since we launched our amazing recipe book, Bootcamp Kitchen, and we are delighted with the response. It has absolutely flown off the virtual shelves, with hundreds of copies being sold via our website, and through some friendly local retailers in and around Bamburgh and Seahouses. We’ve even had campers using Facebook… Read More

Top six reasons why women should lift weights

Not enough women lift weights. There, we said it. The benefits of using free weights (ie, not attached to a machine) are such that anyone who takes exercise even slightly seriously should consider it. We regularly use weights and resistance training as part of our routines at Northern Bootcamp – they are a critical part… Read More

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