Changing Lives since 2010

A review on one of our weight loss bootcamps this week made us realise how far we have come these past 7 years. The lovely Joanna wrote, ”An inspirational and positive life changing experience, which I would absolutely recommend!”. With life running by so quickly, we all seldom take time to look at what has been achieved by… Read More

What are the worst fitness mistakes? – part one #AskNBC

At Northern Bootcamp, we are often asked ‘what are the worst fitness mistakes’. As part of our #AskNBC series, we’ve picked out some of the best (or worst!) examples of fitness mistakes, so you know what to avoid. There are so many habitual errors that hamper people’s fitness efforts, that we’ve had to make this a two-part… Read More

Northern Bootcamp: non-military style

You may have seen pictures this week of the England football squad being put through its paces by Royal Marines on a military-style ‘bootcamp’ experience. It made for some great shots as footballers who, let’s face it, have something of a reputation as pampered millionaires, were subjected to some fairly brutal-looking treatment. It almost made… Read More

What is a calorie anyway? – #AskNBC

It’s almost impossible to talk about weight-loss, fitness, or dieting without the idea of calories coming up. Calorie-counting is often considered to be a vital aspect to weight loss, although we’re reluctant to focus on calories excessively. Instead, we like to focus on the nutritional value of food as a whole. Calories are essentially a… Read More

Welcome to the new Northern Bootcamp website

Welcome to the new Northern Bootcamp website! It was time for a refresh, so we’ve spent several months working on the new site to make sure it meets our customers’ high expectations. Our website is often the first port of call for most new customers, so we wanted to make sure their first impressions were… Read More

Capturing that Northern Bootcamp feelgood factor

We often talk about the ‘feelgood factor’ at Northern Bootcamp, but it’s really difficult to explain unless you’ve experienced it. It’s got everything to do with the feeling of working hard and reaping the rewards, hitting your targets, helping your campers on the way (and being helped!), learning new things about yourself, and genuinely achieving something… Read More

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