Macronutrients: The Big Picture

Caroline from Northern Bootcamp discusses the importance of understanding and measuring your macronutrients and how this can benefit weight loss. What is the real answer to weight loss? We get asked a lot on boot camp, ‘how can I lose weight?’ Lots of people join us and they say they eat healthily but they still… Read More

Effective running styles: your FAQs answered

  Caroline, founder and trainer at our residential boot camp, shares her thoughts on running and ways to effectively lose weight and gain muscle from your running routines.      Hi there, Caroline from Northern Bootcamp here! While out running I was thinking about the questions I get asked from our clients about running. I… Read More

Welcome Northern Bootcamp Trainer Tony

  Name: Tony Dunn Age: 30 Worked at NBC since: December 2017 Life pre northern boot camp: Semi pro rugby player, Personal trainer, spent quite a while in the hospitality industry from 18. Perfect day off: Spend the day with the family ( Partner and child) Walking along the beach and then a nice quite… Read More

Northern Bootcamp’s very own Carla!

Name: Carla Clark Age: 27 Worked at Northern Bootcamp since: September 2017 Life pre-Northern Bootcamp: I worked in Greggs from 2007 till 2013 and made friends for life. I left there to carry on the family antique business. I would drive over to France and Belgium in a van, buy antique furniture and drive them… Read More

2017 results: before and after contest!

Caroline’s recap of 2017: Myself, Dan and the entire Bootcamp team would like to take this opportunity to express our genuine appreciation for all the support we receive via social media, emails and simply spreading such positive words about Northern Bootcamp that reaches far beyond our Northern Roots. As we move into our seventh year… Read More

5 healthy food substitutes to live by

Exercise can only get you so far when it comes to fat loss – it’s essential to eat well as well. But there are some things we come to depend on as part of our favourite meals – and healthy alternatives might not seem so easy to come by. Plus, of course, we all want… Read More

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