Henry - January 2023 - Northern Bootcamp

Henry – January 2023

May sound dramatic, but this place changed my life!
I am a middle aged executive, with classic health issues attributed to a sedentary, businessman and busy lifestyle. I was over weight, lethargic and the most unfit I have been in my life. I had little choice but to impose my own shock to the system before nature did it for me. So, jumping in with both feet, I signed up to Northern Bootcamp. The accommodation is first rate, and the showers are of the type you just don’t want to get out of. The coaches very quickly become friends, with a genuine interest in your health and overall well being. There is a warm, homely and safe feel about the whole place. Before you know it you are wandering around in slippers and PJs. The training is very well thought out, able to adjust to whatever level of fitness you have and most importantly without showing you up or making you feel insecure about yourself, irrespective of how competitive you are. The programme is flexible and adapts to the weather and the general mood of the group or individuals. I never felt left out or awkward. The training does deliver results , personally I saw a significant improvement in overall fitness and flexibility, and more quantitatively, I saw muscle grown and fat loss, with my body shape visibly changing in 7 days. The training is not your typical gym class, it combines a variety of activities that are simply fun, a lot of fun. The afternoons were normally outdoor, active adventures sometimes paddle boarding, abseiling or coastal walks along the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in the UK! The food is akin to what you would get served in a top London restaurant, only with a lot more thought as to it nutritional value. You will not go hungry and you will never feel that there is any calorie counting going on. By day two or three there was a real sense on family, a group of strangers, with common goals and values working together, supporting each other, laughing and sharing a real adventure. The whole experience feels safe, despite you pushing your limits and asserting yourself in a way that will surprise you. It has now been a week since I left the Camp, and the weight continues to drop off, I have learnt new techniques to train, eat and stay motivated, but above all I feel young! Without wanting to sound too dramatic, NBC has change my life, and I now look forward to more adventures with friends and family, better fitting clothes, clearer focus, and longer health.
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