Which Boot Camp do I take - Fitness or Weight Loss?
Which Fitness Bootcamp Do I Take?

Which Fitness Bootcamp Do I Take?

The culture, excitement and challenge of the Northern Bootcamp Experience are consistent throughout all of our weight loss boot camps. The duration varies from just 1 day to 14 days. Deciding which boot camp to choose will depend on your reason for attending, your needs and the results that you want to see at the end of camp.

All of our weight loss boot camps are open to absolutely ALL fitness and ability levels. It is very difficult to imagine how this can be, if you feel you are at either end of the spectrum. How can a person who has never exercised in their life attend the same boot camp as a competitive triathlete? The way that each session is managed and designed, ensures that everyone works at their own pace.

You will never feel too far out in front or left behind, we continually adapt exercises, distances, timings and intensity to each individual taking part. Therefore any of our weight loss bootcamps are available to you!

Each fitness bootcamp is designed to include enjoyable exercise, tasty food, luxury accommodation, and a transformational getaway to help you reach your goals.

1 Day Boot Camps

Focus on fitness, fun and adventure. With a full program from 7am to 5pm you will work hard (at your own pace), alongside like-minded people and have the opportunity to try a more adventure based activity too, such as Archery, Orienteering, Kayaking, Abseiling. Find out more information here.

4 Day Boot Camps

Focus on either weight loss or fitness or both and provide an opportunity to see visible results. Weights and measures and a fitness assessment are incorporated, along with nutritional seminar and one-to-one training and advice from our exceptional Northern Bootcamp trainer’s. On this all-inclusive camp, expect to see weight loss of between 4-9lbs (record is 12lbs) and fitness improvements in strength and cardio. Find out more information here.

7 Day Boot Camps

Focus on weight loss and fitness, with a huge variation in exercise sessions and opportunities to try adventure activities too – all of which are “challenge by choice” and some are optional. With a number of seminar topics, including; nutrition, fat burning, exercise techniques, store cupboard ingredients and one-to-one action planning with the Northern Bootcamp team. For many people, this is a life-changing experience and far more than just a fitness and weight loss holiday. Find out more information here.

14 Day Boot Camps

For those that want to turn their life around completely, walk away from camp feeling transformed and ready to buy a new wardrobe! Spending 2 weeks in the safe, knowledgeable and inspirational hands of the Northern Bootcamp team, you will not only achieve fantastic weight loss and fitness results, but will engage in self-discovery and improve your knowledge and understanding of nutrition, exercise and well-being, so that you can be confident that you will sustain the changes. Find out more information here.

Bespoke Boot Camps

We do offer a service to provide a specially designed camp for you alone or for a group of people.  Our team have delivered private boot camps across Europe and the Middle East as well as various locations in the UK.  If you are interested in a more personal experience with a private boot camp, then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Surf and Wellness Retreat

Learn to surf in the North Sea and recharge your mental health and wellbeing with our Surf and Wellness Retreats! Enjoy a full fitness programme complete with surf lessons, Pilates, luxury accommodation,  homemade food and opportunities to relax and reset in beautiful Bamburgh, Northumberland. Learn more about our Surf and Wellness Retreats.

Bootcamp abroad 

boot camp holiday abroad with Northern Bootcamp really is a life-changing experience that can kick-start your  weight loss, improve your fitness, and clear your mind. There is no better way to treat your body than with a 1-week boot camp in a luxurious and warm environment. While we appreciate that a boot camp holiday is not the same as a beach holiday, it will result in your mind and body far more energised and rejuvenated than any other holiday can. Learn more about our bootcamp abroad.

Contact us with any questions about choosing a weight loss boot camp that will best suit you. 


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