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Weight-Loss Holidays: 14-Day Bootcamps

Weight-Loss Holidays: 14-Day Bootcamps

For a complete revamp of body, mind and soul, join Northern Bootcamp on a 14-day bootcamp. There is no better way to turn your life around, improve your health, adapt your mindset and change your body shape forever.

Our weight-loss holidays are completely unique experiences, with our trainers dedicated to you as an individual and on a mission to ensure that you succeed in making the sustainable changes to your body and lifestyle. In a fantastic setting on the Northumberland coast, we have a huge variety of exercise and activity sessions included in the programme. Operating a ‘challenge by choice’ policy, you will be supported and encouraged throughout the camp in every single session, but never forced or pushed beyond your capabilities.

The standard of training is second to none, with Dan and Caroline, the directors of the company, leading many sessions and spending time to get to know you as an individual. The style is non-military, but this does not mean easy: while the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, the training sessions are designed to help you to work hard and push your limits.

Using the latest evidence-based training techniques and a unique style that comes only with experience and personality, the trainers will encourage and motivate you to reach your potential and achieve the most profound results possible.  If you do everything as advised on camp, you can expect to loses inches and pounds – our record weight loss on a 14-day camp is 2st 7lbs!

During your 2-week bootcamp, you will work your body hard, but this will be in a safe environment, under close supervision and with the right level of intensity to ensure you gain maximum benefit.

The two-week bootcamp should not be taken lightly. You must have a base level of fitness to attend, with no joint or back problems, and you must be injury-free. While you will work at your own level, 14 days is an endurance event and we need to make sure that your body and mind are up to the challenge. We will give you tonnes of personal support and adapt the programme for you, to ensure that you get plenty of relaxation time and a full day recovery mid-camp.

We are lucky to have a health spa close by, so you can go for a swim or simply relax. You can also book massages and beauty treatments.

Fourteen-day bootcamps are exceptional value for money, starting at just £1850. If you want to turn your life around and sustain the changes, then contact us for more info or book today.

Looking for something a little less challenging? Dip your toe in with a one-day bootcamp, or try our four-day bootcamp, five-day bootcamp or seven-day bootcamp.

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