Weight Loss Boot Camp Dates 2020/21 in UK and Abroad

Boot Camp Portugal

28th-4th Nov 2022


4 Day Bootcamps

2021 DATES
Monday 14th June- Friday 19th June
Monday 12th July – Friday- 17th July
Monday 6th Sept-Friday 11th Sept
Monday 18th Oct- 22nd Oct
Friday 12th Nov- Tuesday 16th Nov
14th Jan – 18th Jan

25th Feb – 1st March

25th– 29th March

20th-24th May

17th-21st June

8th-12th July

30th Sept-4th Oct

25th-29th Nov


7 Day Bootcamps


21st May – SOLD OUT
4th June – SOLD OUT
2nd July – SOLD OUT
10th Sept- Spaces
8th Oct – Spaces
29th Oct – Spaces

19th Nov- Spaces
3rd Dec- Spaces
21st Jan -28th

4th Feb – 11th

4th– March – 11th

1st-8th  April

22nd-29th Apr

6th-13th May

3rd-10th June

1st– 8th July

9th-16th Sept

7th-14th Oct

11th – 18th Nov

2nd-9th Dec


1st-12th July 2022



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