Meet Carla - One of the genius Northern Bootcamp Cooks






Worked at Northern Bootcamp since:

September 2017

Life pre-Northern Bootcamp: I worked in Greggs from 2007 till 2013 and made friends for life. I left there to carry on the family antique business. I would drive over to France and Belgium in a van, buy antique furniture and drive them back to England to sell them. I would then deliver them all over the country. I loved this work but a reduction in demand led me to seek further employment. This led me to Northern Bootcamp and I couldn’t be happier.

Team role:


Perfect day off:

Going for a nice long walk in the Cheviots with my boyfriend and two dogs with a picnic. Then cuddling in on the sofa with a Disney movie on.

Highlight of the job:

My favourite time on camp is on the last day when everyone is happy about their achievements. The excitement and energy is amazing and infectious.

Favourite quote:

Laugh every day. Love every day. Live every day.

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