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Northern Bootcamp Kitchen

Northern Bootcamp Kitchen

Food is at the heart of our all-inclusive fitness boot camp. We love good food. It goes hand in hand with exercise, giving us the energy needed to sustain an intensive bootcamp programme!

The bootcamp kitchen is managed by our chef Carla, but you will also find Caroline in there helping to dish up a menu of nutritious clean and tasty food. Carla is very creative and has designed some amazing snacks that really hit the spot.

While on your weight loss boot camp you will be given 3 meals per day plus 2 snacks, one of which is a homemade treat. Your evening meal is 2 courses and includes either a starter or a dessert.

The main meals are focused around high quality protein and served up with seasonal vegetables as well as a portion of complex carbohydrate.  The meals provided variety from day to day and will depend upon the exercise and activity sessions you are doing that day.

This is not designed to be a starvation boot camp – far from it, in fact – and we encourage any client that is struggling with portion size to talk to us as we appreciate one size does not fit all. There are also adaptations for those clients who are more focused on fitness rather than weight loss, while and male and female portions are also tailored.

Bootcamp Kitchen Recipe Book

The feedback on the food served on camp is always exceptional and for many is a highlight of their stay.  It was client feedback that inspired Caroline and Dan to write their own recipe book “Bootcamp Kitchen” and this is now flying off the shelves.

We cater for a variety of dietary needs, including gluten free, dairy free, allergies and some intolerances as well as halal, vegetarian and vegan.  If in any doubt please speak to the team who can give you more detail regarding this.

Nutrition on Northern Bootcamp

Nutrition is a critically important part of the Northern Bootcamp experience, and you can read more about our approach to nutrition here. Nobody ever goes hungry on camp, and we show you how it’s possible to eat healthily, fuel an active lifestyle and enjoy your food at the same time.


Our food has become so popular that we launched a new service that allows you to take our food away from camp when you leave. Find out more about our takeaway service here.

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