Yesterday was ‘Eat what you want Day’. We didn’t tell you!

Did you know that yesterday was ‘Eat what you want Day’??

So due to the Northern Bootcamp ethos, I am telling you that today, so you missed it! 😉

However, joking aside, it’s a perfect time to look at our diet and how we can still enjoy the finer foods in life without bingeing on the empty calories found in processed foods.

At Northern Bootcamp, we believe that keeping your diet as natural as possible is essential to healthier living and is a major component to exercise, motivation and inspiration.
Always have food on the brain?

As a previous camper myself, the subject of food is very high on the topic of conversations whilst on a camp.  I know that the majority of loyal campers reading this will agree.

We also know that once leaving camp, we always promise ourselves that we will have that treat and enjoy an ‘Eat what you want day’? Although, after camp has finished, the reality of what we have achieved and how better we feel kicks in.

At the end of camp, I receive many emails for recipes and store cupboard essentials, as campers like to do their online shopping before they leave so they can carry on the good work.

If you are on our newsletter list you will receive recipes and monthly tips on how to keep on the right track.  For a taster of Northern Bootcamp recipes  CLICK HERE to check out our Bootcamp Abroad, spring selection.

Or if you fancy trying the delicious Easter treat we gave out last month, CLICK HERE for the recipe.

Bootcamp Choc Mousse

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Why just one day a year ?!

Northern Bootcamp, do believe that a little bit of what you like you does you good.  However, we also feel that if you EARN your treat by BURNING the calories, you will enjoy it a whole lot more and then you do not have to limit yourself to only one day a year!

The advice we give on HIIT training and interval training CLICK HERE,  is an ideal way of earning and burning cals, so we can enjoy the treats in life but still remain focussed on the bigger picture and our personal goals.

For more information on any on the camps on offer at Northern Bootcamp, please  CLICK HERE for details, or contact myself on, or happy to speak directly on 0845 467 3750.

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