Kayak yourself to fitness!
Kayak yourself to fitness!

Kayak yourself to fitness!

The gym can be an unappealing place, with unnatural lighting and questionable sweat patches left on the machines. Many people dread exercise because it’s associated with the gym.

Although regular gym visits are a good way to get fit and set a routine – adventurous activities feel less like a chore and more like a hobby!

One of the adventurous activities on a typical Northern Bootcamp is kayaking. Kayaking may seem like just an enjoyable activity, but you may not even realise how much fitness kayaking involves.

What are the health benefits of kayaking?

Works the whole body:

Kayaking doesn’t isolate or target certain muscles like weight-lifting or running.  It works a huge range of muscles including the arms, abs, chest, legs and hips. Spending a couple of hours kayaking will work more muscle groups than a gym session: a full body work out!


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Low-impact activity:

Regardless of how many muscle groups it uses, kayaking is a low impact activity. This means the activity improves your cardiovascular muscles as well as increasing your muscle strength. The activity works mostly the upper body – ideal for those with leg or knee injuries.


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Any fitness level and age group

Northern Bootcamp is an all-inclusive bootcamp accepting all ages and all abilities. Kayaking is a perfect fit because you can enjoy it at any age regardless of your ability – the activity can be adapted to suit your routine, goals and fitness level.

Positivity, meditation and tranquility

Exercising outdoors is great for your mental health. Escape from buzzing electricity, leave your mobile phone at home and ditch the queues for machines. Instead, you can experience nature and the tranquillity of the water!

Safety and kayaking:

If you’ve never been kayaking before, don’t just jump right in – there are rules you should take into consideration:

  • Start out by attending a kayaking club and perfecting your skills with a professional.
  • Acknowledge the temperature and weather adapting your clothing accordingly.
  • Always follow the boating rules of the area, including wearing your floatation device and helmet.

You can find out more about kayaking safety here or you can ask your trainer on camp.

Dan’s Paddle of Britain:

Did you know: last year, Northern Bootcamp trainer Dan Smith decided to kayak the length of Britain!

Army veteran turned trainer Dan completed the Paddle of Britain, kayaking from the top of Scotland down to the bottom of England – raising over £26,000 for The Royal British Legion.

Dan completed 910 miles, (720 by kayak and 190 by foot) over 52 days – smashing his personal goal of 60 days. You can find the full story of Dan’s kayaking adventure here.

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First step bootcamp, next step the Paddle of Britain?

If you fancy a health kick and would like to try out some adventurous activities, booking a bootcamp is a great place to start!

It’s important to remember that every bootcamp is different and activities can change due to weather and other circumstances – contact us directly to find out if you’ll be kayaking during your stay at Northern Bootcamp.

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