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What to expect from Northern Bootcamp ?

What to expect from Northern Bootcamp ?

Here at Northern Bootcamp we are very proud of our 5 * rating on Trip Advisor we also encourage clients each week to leave detailed feedback from their specific Northern Bootcamp experience. The reason for this,  is that we firmly believe our success as a growing small Northern business is down to the continued advice and feedback we  receive over the years from clients who come through our doors.


We welcome approximately 500 clients each year who are diverse and individual as we endeavour to be in our training and motivation. Northern Bootcamp trainers adapt sessions where necessary and evolve each camp ensuring we are doing our utmost to help and support clients to achieve their personal best whilst with us and exceed their expectation. Whether the goal be weight loss, fitness or both we try to continually develop our sessions and overall experience to deliver the best weight loss and fitness results possible for you.


Due to this we have a loyalty rate of around 70% which cements that Northern Bootcamp have been able to grow and develop over the past 5 years with the help from the very people who work hard and give 100% commitment to make sustainable changes to their lives, smashing their personal expectations and using Northern Bootcamp to exceed to new goals with determination.


However, don’t let me be the one to tell you about us, we firmly believe the testimonials of previous clients are the best way for you to hear about us and what to expect from Northern Bootcamp.

See a recent video from Deb and John who came as a couple on our 7 day Portugal camp, first time Northern Bootcampers and now life long friends:

Jess, aged 31 –  7 day Bootcamp, Bamburgh, Northumberland;


The most positive experience of my life

I have tried many ways to lose weight and become fitter, for me this was a last chance saloon. From the very beginning the team has been their for me, from my initially hesitation in the phone call right through to the last day and beyond. The biggest strength of this company is the owners and the people who work for them. All with varied skill sets and interest who work together to achieve one aim, HELP YOU. All classes are tailored to you and I was pushed further than I ever thought I could go and all very varied. The stunning location obviously helps and the comradery of the campers (we are literally all in it together) just adds more to the experience, I have made new friends for life, an added bonus I had not expected. I have become more confident in my ability to train on my own, learning new techniques. The food is incredible and the knowledge of the chef is superb. If you are thinking of booking a camp don’t look anywhere else. I will be looking to go back when time allows.


Jill, aged 68 – 11 day Bootcamp, Bamburgh Northumberland;


Thank you for your words of encouragement ! Nope, I didn’t get smacked legs for my amazing adventures in blood/glucose management   …… they were delighted I had done something to change things, and so am I ! Insulin dose is still reducing, which means I am now doing something right .

I’ve come home with some very good habits; I’ve discovered how delicious “proper” food is and keeping active has (I promise!) been second nature to me since I left camp.  I really did feel helped and supported to do my best and it’s paid off in returning flexibility and mobility. So thank you to everyone who looked after me.   I’m back to class next week with gentle circuit for oldsters with 60s music, brill for me and, who knows, I may graduate to her boxercise with heavy rock !


These are just a few recent testimonials we have received, should you wish to check out more please CLICK HERE:



I get asked about the program and scheduling of your day quiet often, however this is not something we give out to you.  There are always mixed emotions from various clients on what they do and do not look forward to, so we have found through experience knowing what your full camp entails can sometimes thwart your motivation or cause anxiety when this is not needed.

Our days start at around 7am with a session before breakfast, you camp is then broken up with various sessions and activities, including outdoor adventure along side snacks and meals. Each day differs and in 7 day camps, nutrition and 1-2-1 consultation is also included.

Our day finishes around 6pm ish with a quick end of the day session before dinner. The nights with us are chilled and relaxed, with many going to bed early so they are ready and revitalised for the day ahead.


As always we are approachable so any questions you may have, do not hesitate to contact us, Leanne@northernbootcamp.co.uk








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