Get Out! Why outdoor exercise is the best!
Get Out! Why outdoor exercise is the best!

Get Out! Why outdoor exercise is the best!

Daylight hours are gradually increasing alongside the temperature. There’s nothing better than finishing work when it’s still light outside – but where do most people head next? The gym. The lighting inside gyms doesn’t often come under criticism but 24-hour gym lighting tends to reflect that of a 24-hour casino – it’s not surprising that this doesn’t make you feel good. Green exercise is the term used to describe exercising outdoors and recent studies have shown that exercising in the wild has a positive effect on mental wellbeing instantly. A healthy lifestyle is about both the body and the mind – here are some reasons why exercising outdoors maximises the effect of exercising!
outdoor exercise

Burn more calories:

In comparison to running on a treadmill, external running will certainly help you burn more calories as you’re experiencing a range of different terrains. Outside, you’re up against the elements, running against wind, up or down hills… and sometimes in the sadly predictable British rain.

Save more money:

Gym memberships and classes can add up with some gyms costing as much as £50 a month, while running outside or hiking is usually free. Providing you live a decent distance from the workplace you could even run or bike home instead of commuting and save yourself the cost of your weekly bus ticket!

Relieves boredom:

Staring at the beige walls inside a gym can become stagnant, but exercising outdoors offers you a different view every day. You can even experiment with different routes each time and this can help improve your memory and stimulate your mind!

Improve that immune system:

When you’re outside your body acts differently. In nature your immune system is constantly trying to protect your body and lower your blood pressure. Studies have also shown in cities and urban areas that indoor air can sometimes be more polluted than outside!

Dose yourself with vitamin D:

Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine vitamin” as it’s created when your body receives direct sunlight – you need vitamin D to help absorb calcium and phosphate. Having enough vitamin D promotes bone growth and stops your bones becoming soft and fragile, as well as reducing your chance of getting heart disease and flu.

Boost those happy hormones:

You may have read Northern Bootcamp’s recent blog on how physical exercise can boost your mental health – so can exercising outside. Many holistic mental health practitioners suggest exercising outside as it helps to relieve stress and depression, especially in the countryside. There are some precautions you need to take when exercising outside, including wearing the right gear for the right season and temperature – read our blog on how to stay safe and slick during the colder evenings to find out more. If you’re thinking about exercising but you don’t know where to begin, booking a bootcamp is a great way of exploring the ways you can exercise outside. Northern Bootcamp provides you with the foundation for a healthy lifestyle with a range of options available to suit your needs and goals.
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