Boost your mental health with exercise!
Boost your mental health with exercise!

Boost your mental health with exercise!

Obesity, heart disease, diabetes and many other illnesses are associated with an inactive lifestyle – but have you thought about the effect it could have on your mental health?

It’s been reported that as many as 1 in 6 adults are suffering from a common mental health problem such as depression or anxiety.

Everybody wants to feel good, so it’s important to do as much as you can to feel happier – and that can be as simple as going to the gym.

Here are just some of the ways that exercise can benefit your mental health!

Boost happy hormones:

Endorphins and enkephalin are feel-good hormones released during exercise. If you’ve never been much of a gym bunny, don’t worry – studies have shown that even a 30-minute walk can increase the production of these!

Mental Health

Get outside:

The best place to is exercise is outside: it stops the repetitiveness of the gym and breathing clean air is good for your lungs. Studies have shown those who exercise in the countryside or by water feel happier!

get outdoors

Interacting with people:

Meeting people for an exercise class, going for a jog with your friend or joining a recreational local team can associate exercise with socialising and improve not only your mood but your relationships.

Social exercise

Increase brainpower:

Exercise benefits your brain physically and mentally – from reducing inflammation and stimulating growth to improving your mood, increasing your ability to learn, and reducing stress and anxiety.

brain power

Improve sleep quality:

Physical activity increases sleep duration and helps you to get a deeper sleep – exercise has been reported to help alleviate symptoms of sleep disorders!

good nights sleep

Fight cognitive decline:

The ageing process often means that our minds become hazy. Exercising prevents cognitive decline and helps to boost the production of chemicals that fight age-related diseases. Of course this isn’t a cure, but every little bit helps!

getting old

Exercise is not just about rock-hard abs and walking up the stairs efficiently, it’s about increasing your self-confidence and improving your quality of life.

If you want to make a lifestyle change, and focus on yourself, your fitness and your mind, why not book a bootcamp today and kickstart your adventure?

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Northern Bootcamp is still operating

As a result of COVID 19 and the most recent Tier restrictions, we are currently unable to operate our business as usual.

However, we continue to adapt and look for the positives as so long as you are healthy there really is nothing more important.  Our virtual online fitness classes have started again,  and it is wonderful to see so many familiar and lots of new faces. There are up to 4 different classes per day, taken by the owners themselves, Dan and Caroline.   All levels of ability are welcome with adaptations for injuries or mobility offered. If you would like to add some variety to your training, or simply make a start to exercise, please click here for more info.

Coming soon and available to order are Bootcamp Kitchen Christmas Hampers, packed full of healthy goodies to keep you on the right track through December. If you are interested in these, please send an email to [email protected] for more info.

Also available to purchase now are bootcamp gift vouchers. To give someone the gift of health this Christmas is more important than ever. Spread the bootcamp feeling and purchase either a monetary voucher, or a full 4 day or 7 day bootcamp for your loved ones to book at their convenience (valid for 24 months)

We hope to start our residential bootcamps again in January.   The bootcamp itself is now a more personal experience. We have spent the autumn expanding the facilities and in January the new additions will be complete. These include a hot tub, a barrel sauna, a BBQ grill house for the final supper and a brand new fitness studio.  There are new measures are in place to manage social distancing and keep everyone safe. However, the atmosphere, the activities, the stunning location and the feeling of immense well-being strongly remains.

Please stay safe and try to be as healthy as you can be. Stay in touch and follow our updates on Facebook and Instagram and by signing up to our newsletter we will keep you updated on the latest news here at Northern Bootcamp CLICK HERE

Thank you for patience, support and understanding.

Dan, Caroline and all of the team at Northern Bootcamp