Dark-night training: Staying safe and looking slick

Dark-night training: Staying safe and looking slick

The temperature is colder, the food is fattening*, and the nights are gloomy – but don’t get left out in the dark this winter.

A recent poll found that 59% of women gain weight during the winter months – an average of 4.5lb! Half of this weight won’t shift till Easter!

It’s hard to motivate yourself to get up and go for a run when its cold outside – but if you have the right kit, this won’t matter.

Make sure you’re seen!

Reflectivity saves lives, simple – don’t forget reflective elements when refurbishing your wardrobe and make sure you stick to the age-old rule, run against traffic or cycle with the traffic.

Plus you can’t deny the psychological boost that comes with rocking fresh kit – so why not take full advantage of the seasonal change?

New gear idea!

Many people fall victim to simply wrapping up before heading for a run – but it’s much more complicated than that. Where to begin? Well, there are three sections of your body to consider:

Heads and ears:

The myth claiming you lose most of the heat from your head has been debunked – regardless it is still important to keep warm. The Gore Windstopper Hat wicks away sweat and has a protective layer to enhance your safety in misty cold weather. Available for purchase here.

Fitness Bootcamp Gear

Arms and chest:

Wind- and waterproof jackets are a requirement in chillier climates coupled with a wicking base for the ultimate toasty effect. The Adidas Supernova Storm Jacket is available for both men and women and it provides the perfect balance between warmth and breathability. Both available here.

Bootcamp Addidas Bootcamp UK Addidas

Legs and feet: 

The lower body generates a lot of heat, so it doesn’t require as many layers. Puma NightCat Tights are available for both men and women – drawing sweat away from the skin whilst offering a reflective stylish look. Women’s available here and men’s here.

Puma Night Cat WearPuma Night Cat Bootcamp Wear

Winter warmers:

Don’t forget Northern Bootcamp Kit Shop, for all your winter warmers including cosy hoodies for the second you step back inside – or the boot camp coat with a reflective top layer to complete your safe and stylish look.

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Bootcamp Kit Shop

*You could always make the food less fattening, too…

If you haven’t picked up Bootcamp Kitchen, our incredible healthy cook book, then this is an excellent time to do so! It contains tonnes of amazing, easy-to-make meals that will help you to eat so well that you won’t even realise they’re healthy!

Failing that..

Winter is a wonderful month, why not break tradition and try a seasonal winter activity such as ice-skating or a winter boot camp, it could strike a new passion – or you could just stay inside, there’s plenty of home workouts that are just as good!

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