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A note from Dan!

Hi Folks,

Dan here! Very pleased to be back at Bootcamp and back to the business in hand. Currently preparing to fly out to Portugal for our week-long camp out in Lagos, looking forward to the week ahead.
Although my time away has been immense it feels good to be at the heart of Northern Bootcamp together with Caroline planning and focusing on the future to bring the best bootcamp experience to all our clients new and loyal. We are both excited to be back at the centre of sessions and programs to power through our bootcamp values to motivate, energise and inspire our clients to get the very best out of their Northern Bootcamp experience. However, more importantly, take their knowledge and new motivation into real life and make real sustainable healthier changes moving forward.

We are excited to launch our ‘Bootcamp Kitchen Live’ cookery courses starting on January 16th 2019, CLICK HERE for details and email to book on as places are limited.

We also have final late availability places on our final camps of 2018 so if you are looking for that winter boost, you know where we are. Book now.

Make sure you check out blogs included in this newsletter on winter strength training together with glute activation and HITT session to support your training and keep your motivation going into 2019!


Caroline’s advice on glute activation exercises

Caroline explains why your glutes are so important…


HIIT workout with Caroline

Join Caroline in our online workout video


Winter strength training tips

Here are our ideas on how to stay strong during the winter… 


Is the Keto diet right for you?

Find out what the keto diet is and what it involves… 


Check out our special offers for autumn/winter 2018!

Fancy the Northern Bootcamp experience? Click here to find out what to expect from Northern Bootcamp. Contact us here to chat about what makes us different to – and better than – the rest!


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