Take app-tion: 5 apps to help you achieve your goals!
Take app-tion: 5 apps to help you achieve your goals!

Take app-tion: 5 apps to help you achieve your goals!

The new year has come and gone, but it’s important to remember you don’t need a big event like New Year’s Day to set a goal.

A wise man once said “a goal properly set is halfway reached” – this is a major mood at Northern Bootcamp!

The simple task of thinking about your goals and strategising how to achieve them is a huge part of the process and will send you on your way to success!

In a world full of technology, there’s an app for everything. If your goals are mental, physical or work-related – these apps will help you plan and achieve them!

Physical Fitness:


Price: Free

If you love to run or cycle, this app is perfect for you! Track your routes and challenge your friends with Strava. You can set a personal goal each month!

healthy meal


Price: Free (premium option)

The best app for tracking your diet, with bar code scanning and a huge database of food – calculate how much you’re eating and how much you’re burning off.

Lady Running



Price: Free (premium option)

This app is like a private diary without having to write a word. You select your mood for the day and record your daily activities. Track your trending moods and understand your habits!



Price: £4.99

Apply psychology to your everyday life – use thought trackers and journal templates that encourage mental well-being. Known as one of the best mental health apps available!

Bath Self Care

Day to day goals:

Strides: Habit Tracker

Price: Free (premium option)

Track all your goals and habits in one place. Create daily reminders, track bad habits and set daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals – a flexible app that will keep you motivated every day!

Day to day planning

If you prefer the old-fashioned style of putting a pen to paper or if you have a goal setting mechanism that works for you – don’t fix it if it’s not broken!

But remember, a healthy lifestyle is more achievable when you set regular goals and reward your achievements.

Northern Bootcamp promotes personal and team goals for our campers and trainers – you can find out more about our goals here.

If you want to make a change but you don’t know where to begin a boot camp is the perfect place to start – book a boot camp today.

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