Top Boot Camp tips to get fit and health this spring

Northern Bootcamp gives you 3 reasons to get fit & healthy this spring!


1. Motivation for a fresh start

The arrival of spring instils the desire for a fresh start. During this season, communities across the world celebrate the onset of better weather and longer days, and the blossoming of new life, with festivals such as Easter. We even spring-clean our homes in an effort to reflect this sense of a new beginning.

This can be extremely motivational for any type of life change, so why not harness the energy to kick-start a healthier lifestyle?

2. Healthy food’s on the menu

Spring’s warmer weather means we crave refreshing salads and light meals; we’re much less likely to be tempted by a calorific roast dinner followed by sticky toffee pudding with custard come April!

Plus, many delicious fruits and vegetables are in season, meaning that you can pick up locally grown, fresh produce that’s at its peak. You’ll find tasty British strawberries, flavoursome asparagus and vibrant beetroot in supermarkets this spring.

We recently posted some great spring recipes, after our Spanish bootcamp abroad got us hooked on healthy Mediterranean flavours, so make sure to try them out.

3. Exercise is more enjoyable

Motivating yourself to exercise is all the easier during the spring. Nice weather means you can get outdoors and exercise for free, without having to brave the cold in several layers or overheat in the summer sun. There’s certainly no need to endure uninspiring stints on the treadmill in a stuffy gym!

Sunshine and pleasant temperatures aren’t the only things making outdoor activities more inviting, though: greener landscapes mean you get to enjoy beautiful views, and longer days give you more opportunity to get out while it’s bright after work.

Still not sure that you can achieve your weight-loss or fitness goals this spring? Consider kick-starting a better routine with our seven-day bootcamp. You’ll quickly acquire good habits and the knowledge you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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If you can think of any other reasons everyone should be inspired to get fit and healthy this spring, make sure to share the wisdom on our Facebook wall or in the comments below!






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