Whilst we are not able to deliver bootcamps at our Bamburgh base due to the Covid-19 virus, we want to help keep you active, fit and motivated during these times of lockdown and so we are delighted to be officially launching our new online bootcamp sessions.

The classes are live and interactive, hosted via Zoom. There are small group numbers per session (some more than others depending on the type of session) to ensure we are able to retain individual feedback throughout the session. We want to see every person and manage their form in each exercise and also encourage maximum work rates on an individual basis. Just like on a regular bootcamp all sessions are tailored for different fitness levels, for different ranges of movement and also for different injury restrictions, for example there is always a non-impact alternative in every class.

Length of sessions range from 30mins to 60mins and for some of the sessions you will need equipment, however in some cases this can be improvised equipment with materials from home.  Click here for examples.

These sessions are fully interactive classes, in that we communicate with you throughout, the instructor will keep a close eye on your form and make sure we can see your full body at the right angle to be able to correct posture, form or technique and mostly to motivate you to push yourself and work to your individual maximum level. You can choose the view that you want to see on your screen during a class. Some will find it motivating to see others working ‘alongside you’ but others may prefer to have a one-to-one view with the instructor only during the class – either is fine.

We will be running various types of live sessions every week, encouraging those that have equipment to dust it off and put it to use and those that haven’t to work with body weight or stuff we can find round the home. The details of the weekly class timetable can be found here by clicking HERE and can also be seen on our booking page online.

All class participants must have filled out a registration form and disclaimer, which can be found by clicking on this link. This only needs to be done once and many of our campers will have one already, but it is your responsibility to make sure it is up to date. We will be checking this before the start of every class.


There is a charge of £5 per class, per screening device (if there are 2 of you together at home you pay for 1 only)

However, we appreciate that many of you (like us) may have had a huge reduction in income and if that is the case, please email and I will waiver the charge to ensure that you can still get the benefits of a group socialisation and personal fitness session. I would much rather you do this and join us than not at all.

Also I will be recording a 1 or 2 classes per week as a video and posting on our youtube channel. Hopefully any key workers that are struggling with timings or as our way of saying thankyou will be able to follow a class. Obviously this is not interactive.


  1. Good internet connection (NBC cannot be responsible for your internet connection) with ability to access ZOOM  (If any support is needed with setting this up, please email
  2. A device that you can video yourself with (if you do not want to be seen this can be turned off)
  3. Depending on the class type some equipment maybe required but this will be given in advance
  4. A space that your body can fit lengthways


  1. Look at the weekly by clicking here for week commencing 27th April
  2. Click on the bootcamp booking page here
  3. Go to the calendar and choose your preferred date.
  4. Book your space and make sure your registration form is filled in and upto date (click here to register)



  1. 30 mins prior to the class you will receive a meeting invite via email (if this has not happened please email or call Caroline 07886349036)
  2. Click on the link in the email to join the meeting, meetings open 15 mins prior to class
  3. Please join the meeting 10mins before the class start time. Participants joining more than 5 minutes late will be removed (sorry about this but it is for safety and fluidity reasons)
  4. Adjust your camera so that we can see you. Feel free to chat at this point and voice any concerns or adaptations that may be required
  5. At the class start time, all participants will be put onto mute. (you can unmute yourself at anytime to ask a question or make a comment)
  6. Choose your screen choice preference: gallery view (see others exercising also), speaker view (see instructor only or the person that will speak), Spotlight view (highlight the instructor)
  7. Join in and give it your best effort.




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