Boot camp #AdventAbs - day 23 - nearly there!

Boot camp #AdventAbs – day 23 – nearly there!

OK, if you’re been following the boot camp #AdventAbs from day one – and managing the exercises – then you’ll be well on your way to a firm, strong core – and we can guarantee you’ll be feeling much better than people who have done no exercise this month.

Today and tomorrow, we’re bringing all the exercises together into two handy guide routines.

Of course, we’ve given this series a Christmas theme, but the point is that these exercises can be done quickly, at any time, with no equipment.

Remember: doing something is always better than doing nothing. Whether it’s just one or two of our #AdventAbs exercises, or the entire routine, you will know you’re doing yourself some good.

And remember, if you’re struggling for motivation as the nights draw in, we can help with that, too.


Exercise 1: The air bike

Beginner: Five repetitions, three times
Intermediate: Eight repetitions, three times
Advanced: Ten repetitions, three times
Pro: Ten repetitions, four/five times

Exercise 2: The partial sit-up

Beginner: 3x 5 partial situps
Intermediate: 3x 8 partial situps
Advanced: 3x 10 partial situps
Pro: 4x 10 partial situps

Exercise 3: The press-up

Beginner: 3×5 press-ups (on knees if necessary)
Intermediate: 3×10 press-ups
Advanced: 3×15 press-ups
Pro: 3×20 press-ups
Advanced pro: change hand position, or try clapping in between each one.

Exercise 4: Prone Plank

Beginners: 3x 15 seconds
Intermediate: 3x 30 seconds
Advanced: 3x 45 seconds
Pro: 3x 60 seconds

Exercise 5: Single Leg Stretch

Beginners: 5 repetitions
Intermediate: 7 repetitions
Advanced and Pro: 10 repetitions

Exercise 6: Swan Dive

Beginners: 5 repetitions
Intermediate: 7 repetitions
Advanced and Pro: 10 repetitions

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