#AdventAbs day 5 - staying motivated when not at boot camp

#AdventAbs day 5 – staying motivated when not at boot camp

We’ve touched on this before, but it’s an important issue so is worth repeating. How can people stay motivated to keep exercising and stay healthy when our instincts in winter tell us to hunker down and eat stodgy food?

Motivation is absolutely the biggest factor in whether or not people manage to live healthily and lose weight. Sadly, the short-term pleasures of alcohol and junk food often outweigh people’s desire to get themselves in shape – even though there is no better feeling in the world than being physically fit.

Imagine being able to bound confidently up three flights of stairs without losing your breath. Imagine being able to play (and keep up with) your children. You might even be able to tire them out!

You’ve got to stay motivated, and we all know how hard that can be at this time of year. The short days can make it tough, which is why we have focused on exercises you can easily do indoors so far. Here is the first part of Northern Bootcamp’s other tips to make sure you can stay on top of your exercise and healthy eating plan:

  • Plan it. Write down a new weekly autumn plan remember to make it SMART: Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-managed
  • If you haven’t done a fitness test recently, do one now, so that you can track your autumn progress and see where you are now so that you can set a new target for December.
  • If you train outdoors buy some new kit for colder weather, get wrapped up and put all of your kit out together the night before so that you look forward to getting wrapped up when you step outside. Make sure that not being able to find your hat or gloves is no excuse not to get out there to run or walk.
  • Change your longer steady state runs/walks to the weekend.  Instead of making Sunday your day off, make this your longer run/walk day when you have more daylight hours.

#AdventAbs exercise… as you did a full routine yesterday, take a day off. Enjoy the break, though, we’ll be back for more tomorrow with some slightly more challenging moves!

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