#AskBootcamp – Can you work shifts and stay nutritious?
#AskBootcamp – Can you work shifts and stay nutritious?

#AskBootcamp – Can you work shifts and stay nutritious?

What is a routine? That’s a difficult question to ask someone who works shifts.

Meal patterns and sleeping routines are often turned upside down during periods of shift work… not to mention the effect on your energy and social life!

Irregular sleeping patterns can often make you feel like you should reach for a sugary snack or a ready meal for convenience – but you shouldn’t fall into these bad habits.

The question is, is it possible to be healthy whilst doing shift work?

The answer is YES – regardless if you work day shifts, split shifts or those gruesome overnight shifts -the key is to plan and prepare.

Here are some top tips on how to stay on track during shift work:

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The idea of eating a meal of meat and veg at 3.30 am may seem strange but it’s all about training your body to understand that this is the right decision!

You must be strict with yourself and not skip meals. Skipping meals results in our body holding onto fat and when you finally get a chance to eat, you’ll crave everything in sight!

Here is an example of a routine for somebody on night shift:

Weight Loss Boot Camp Routine


The trick is to prepare your meals in advance – there’s many healthy recipes you can learn through Bootcamp Kitchen Live or inside Bootcamp Kitchen recipe book, which can be easily prepared and reheated on shift!

If you finally do get some time off, why not book a boot camp holiday – this will leave you more refreshed and rejuvenated than any other sort of holiday and can inspire you to break those habits!



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