What are the worst fitness mistakes? – part one #AskNBC
What are the worst fitness mistakes? – part one #AskNBC

What are the worst fitness mistakes? – part one #AskNBC

At Northern Bootcamp, we are often asked ‘what are the worst fitness mistakes’. As part of our #AskNBC series, we’ve picked out some of the best (or worst!) examples of fitness mistakes, so you know what to avoid.

There are so many habitual errors that hamper people’s fitness efforts, that we’ve had to make this a two-part blog. You can read part two here!

Steady state runs

If you’re training for a long-distance event, then doing a long run at the same pace might make sense. But for anyone else, it’s a waste of time! You can have more fun and get better results by varying your pace and range of activity.

Doing short HIIT sessions but not getting out of breath

HIIT only works if you push your body to limits and raise your heart rate to 90% of max. (Check out our guide to HIIT here).

Not lifting heavy weights

People avoid lifting weights in case they become too bulky. It’s not going to happen! Read our guide to why everyone – especially women – should lift, right here.

Repeating the same classes at the gym each week

Challenge yourself – lift heavier weights, add variety to your routine, try new classes, leave your comfort zone!

Thinking that the only way to burn fat is cardio

Bodyweight and strength training is essential. Make sure your routines have a healthy mix of everything as part of your fitness routine.

Not including variety in a weekly training plan.

As above… no variety means you’ll get bored, fail to improve, see few results, and give up. Make exercise fun!

Not giving the body credit for its abilities

Too many people are too scared to push too hard. Don’t save yourself for tomorrow’s session, go all out.

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