Weight loss results from our Boot Camps and Fitness Holidays
What Results Can I Expect?

What Results Can I Expect?

Reasons for attending are not always weight loss as we offer a tailored program for fitness too. However, if desired:

  • You will lose weight
  • You will increase your fitness level
  • You will look different, and
  • You will feel amazing

Lose weight

Typical results on our four day camps are weight losses of between 4 and 9 pounds record is 11 pounds.

On our 7 day camps weight losses of between 7-15 pounds can be expected, record is 35 pounds.

The 14 day camps produce even greater, life changing results, with almost every camper who has completed a 14 day camp, losing  up to or over 1 stone, record is 35 pounds.

I am not the only person to be delighted with the whole experience: the atmosphere on our final day was electric and the majority of the group had lost between 4 – 8 lbs and countless inches in just 4 days

– Victoria Hirst-Dean, Living North Magazine

Lose inches

As well as losing weight you will lose inches off you key body toning areas, waist, bum and thighs. We take measurements at the start of camp and measurements at the end. You should not be surprised when your jeans fall down as you leave as you have lost 5 inches from your waist!

After four days I find myself flexing my abs and smiling in the mirror at my new found definition.

– Victoria Hirst-Dean, Living North Magazine

Increase fitness

At Northern Bootcamp you will experience a dramatic increase in your personal fitness. Because we tailor the activities to match an individual’s needs and abilities we can improve your personal fitness no matter how fit you already are. Indeed many of our campers use our training to prepare for such events as the Great North Run, London Marathon and even fell running and iron man competitions.

I have completed two 4 day camps and after each one, I have shaved up to 4 minutes off my mountain fell circuit of 8 miles, this is a huge success for me and I will back to do it again

– Niamh Hartnett, Dublin Harriers

I have never ran in my life and had no intention of lifting two feet off the ground at the same time on Bootcamp. However, without quite knowing how it happened, towards the end of my 7 day camp, I found myself actually running. I am now very proud to say that I do go out now, not just for a walk but a jog too. My family do not know what has gotten into me, but it is all down to Bootcamp and I feel fitter at 58 than I have ever felt

– Gwen Wealand, NB Camper, May 2012

Improved lifestyle

The residential camps are not only about weight loss and fitness, but for many they are a life-changing experience. The pre-conceptions that you may have about yourself are blown away and you are given the knowledge, tools, confidence and belief that you can make the lifestyle changes that many only aspire towards.

We get hundreds of emails from campers thanking the Bootcamp team for helping them to turn their life around. These results are difficult to measure and there is no value that we can assign to health, wellbeing and happiness.

I truly believe the bootcamp has saved my life as I really did not see a way out of this depressive state I have been in for the last year and a half, mostly being caused by my weight and fitness.

You guys have shown and given me the tools to make sure I succeed in achieving my goals and having a better life for me and my daughter

– Robert Forster, NB Camper, Sept 2012

How do we get results?

  • One-to-one training time
  • Evidence-based bespoke training sessions
  • Full Program with Adventure and Variety
  • Non-military motivational style
  • Quality food
  • Luxury Accommodation
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