Weight loss boot camp guide to using your Swiss ball – part 1

Weight loss boot camp guide to using your Swiss ball – part 1

In our recent guide to essential exercise equipment, we picked out the most important, and affordable, things that you should have at home.

This is part of our campaign to help people realise that they don’t need to spend hundreds, or even thousands, on exercise equipment that will gather dust, when a few key items will do the job.

Since then, we’ve given you some tips for getting the most from your floor mat. Now it’s the turn of the mighty Swiss ball – an incredible, affordable piece of equipment that may look like a children’s toy, but can help you achieve some great results.

Here is part one of the weight loss boot camp guide to using your Swiss ball.

The Swiss Ball push up

Using a Swiss ball for your press ups is slightly easier on your arms, but more challenging for the rest of your body, so is great for strengthening your core while your work your arms, shoulders and back.

For each of the below, use the starting position first, then ‘walk’ your arms along until your body is in the desired position on the ball. The further your hands are from the ball, the harder it is. For the ‘expert’ position, only your toes should be in contact with the ball.

Remember to keep your form – don’t move too quickly, and keep your back nice and straight.

Starting position



beg 1

beg 2


inter 1


inter 2


adv 1


adv 2


exp 1



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