Top four office exercises | Northern Bootcamp
Top four office exercises | Northern Bootcamp

Top four office exercises | Northern Bootcamp

Lots of people tell us they don’t have the time in the day to squeeze in exercise, no matter how much they want to do it. So why not do some while sitting at your desk?

Sitting in one position all day is terrible for you, and makes it even more difficult to be active in your spare time. Most of us sit badly, too, so make sure your posture is good and that your desk and chair are set up correctly to suit you.

We know it can be tough, so here is the Northern Bootcamp guide to exercises you can easily do at your desk. They only take a couple of minutes each, so they are perfect for your lunch break, or to allow you a bit of ‘thinking time’.

They’ll make you feel better, and, as we always say, a small amount of exercise is better than nothing!

The basics:

First of all, let’s agree on the basics: stop taking the lift, it’s bad for you and the environment. Eat well, and avoid snacking on sugary stuff through the day. It feels good for a bit but quickly makes you crash, leaving you feeling more tired than when you started. Plus, sugar has horrible long-term effects on your system. Take frequent, short breaks from your desk, and go for a walk at lunchtime if you can.

The exercises:

Chair Tricep dip

Works: upper arms

Difficulty: **
Put your legs out in front of you with your heels on the floor. Use the arms of your chair to lift your bum off the seat, and lower yourself slowly.


Leg raises

Works: hamstrings and bum

Difficulty: ***

Sit straight and upright. Lift one foot up so your leg is out in front of you and your toes are pointing to the ceiling, then, keeping your leg straight, lift your entire leg so it leaves the chair. Hold for a slow count of three, then swap legs.


Russian split lunges

Works: thighs and bum

Difficulty: ****

Note that you can’t do this one in a skirt, but it really works your thighs. It’s one of those that you can really feel the next day – which shows it works! Take off your shoes and, standing with your back to your desk, hook one foot on the edge of the desk. Now squat down, using just one leg, and repeat ten times and then swap.

Magic carpet

Works: arms and core

Difficulty: *****

You need a chair with armrests for this one. Cross your legs so your feet are underneath you, and get a good grip on your armrests. Straighten your arms so your entire body lifts off the chair. Hold for a slow count of ten, or as long as you can, and repeat three times.


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