Testimonial from a recent 7 day Weight Loss Boot Camp

Testimonial from a recent 7 day Northern Bootcamper

A little about myself: Inactive for the better part of 4 years with some notions of exercising every now and again but never committed beyond a few weeks (Sound familiar ?) Overweight (Close to 110 Kg) , asthmatic and knee problems from previous sport injuries as a teenager. None of these problems really mattered as the camp was adjusted to meet every individual’s abilities and limits.


Food: Possibly the most important concern for potential campers. Rest assured the meals are healthy but more importantly tasty and filling. Its surprising how filling unprocessed food can be. One of the great things about camp is that it gets you to try new food you wouldn’t normally cook for yourself e.g. for me it was lentils, muesli for breakfast and cauliflower rice. All of which I will be incorporating into my diet.


Exercise: The best selling point of camp is the wide variety of activities that are offered. One day you may be running on the beach, the next some surfing, followed by cycling and trail walking to name just a few. The leaders are always there to give expert advice and instruction. For me it was running. Any time I have ever gone for a run the result has always been pain in my joints particularly knees and hips. However after proper instruction on correct running technique no more joint pain. Happy days 🙂


Team bonding: Naturally everyone in the group does not have the same level of fitness however this does not matter as we conquer every activity as a group and push our own limits with encouragement from each other and the camp leaders. I have made some great friends and hope to keep in contact in the future.


Results: I lost 18 lbs on the 7 day boot camp. I am writing this 2 days since I finished and have already lost another 1 lb. Bearing in mind during this period I did have a cheeky Nando’s meal to celebrate the weight loss and the only exercise I have done is walking. This is due to your metabolism being increased during boot camp and the effect carries on after camp finishes for a while. I am really happy with the whole experience and am already planning for my next camp.


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