Specialist boot camp dates – new triathlon training camp added

Specialist boot camp dates – new triathlon training camp added

Northern Bootcamp isn’t just about weight loss – we like to find new ways for people to push themselves and learn new skills.

We launched two new camps in 2016 and both were huge successes – so we’ve added them to the schedule for 2017, too.

Triathlon camp

triathlon camp

The first new camp was our specialist Triathlon training camp. We talked about it a lot – here and here – because it was a great experience, not just for our campers but for us as trainers. Bruce is a triathlon specialist and he loves passing on his vast experience.

The triathlon camp is aimed at beginners, but as with all our camps, the sessions are tailored, so you’ll get something out of it regardless of the level you are at.

This year’s weekend triathlon training camp runs from 31st March 2017, prices from £250. Contact us now for details.

Are you tough enough?


Our Are You Tough Enough camp is for people who fancy a different challenge. It’s the only camp we run that includes a minimum fitness requirement, as it really is aimed at people with decent base fitness.

We also don’t impose any portion control for this camp – eat as much as you can, because you’ll need it! This camp is fierce and, this year, we have introduced a new element: a discount for couples so that you can find out once and for all which of you is the toughest!

This year’s Are You Tough Enough camp runs from 23rd June. It’s £245 per person or £425 per couple.

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