Part two of our weight loss boot camp HIIT exercise guide

Part two of our weight loss boot camp HIIT exercise guide

Following on from our first HIIT Workout guide we gave you, here’s workout number 2 to try.

This time, you’ll need 20-25 minutes to complete the whole workout but, because of the Afterburn Effect we’ve talked about on our blog before, you’ll be feeling the benefits for hours afterwards!

HIIT gets your heart racing, your metabolism rocketing whilst leaving you feeling stronger and burning more calories overall, triggering the Afterburn Effect. Using your time wisely with frequent exercise workouts is key, with claims that 95% of the calories lost as a result of HIIT happen after the exercise has finished.

This quick workout can be completed in your own home, so forget sitting in the gym for hours and get started on workout number 2!

Duration: 20-25 minutes

Method: 5 rounds – a total of 7 exercises in each round.

Do 7 consecutive exercises with no rest between them.



Squat Jumps

Press Ups

Shadow Boxing

Split jump lunges (ouch!!)

V-sits (or leg raises)


Tricep Dips (on a chair)



Round 1 do each exercise for 1 minute (total 7 minutes)

REST for 1min 30 secs

Round 2 do each exercise for 45 seconds (total 5mins 15 secs)

REST for 1 min 15secs

Round 3 each exercise for 30 secs (total 3mins 30 secs)

REST for 1 minute

Round 4 each exercise for 20 secs (total 2mins 20 secs)

REST for 1 minute

Round 5 each exercise for 10 secs


The Northern Bootcamp team are always looking for ways to bring easy-to-follow workouts to your home so be sure to keep checking our blog posts, social media pages and website for more!

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