Feel Naughty, Stay Nice – festive recipes and exercise hacks from Northern Bootcamp

Part #1 – Feel Naughty, Stay Nice with Northern Bootcamp this Christmas

1We are celebrating Christmas this year with a series of simple exercise and cooking hacks – along with some exciting festive recipes and some amazing recipes – that will help you get on both Santa’s nice and naughty list this year!

We’ll be bringing you the tips either side of Christmas to make sure you can hit the New Year in the right way – not feeling too sluggish and with a spring in your step.

All our exercises are designed to be squeezed into whatever time you have available. Remember what we always say: some exercise is better than none, so do what you can!

Oh, and the recipes we’ve used as part of our Feel Naughty, Stay Nice campaign have all come straight from our fantastic recipe book, Bootcamp Kitchen, available today from this link.

The Long Jump


We love this exercise for the springy feeling it gives you afterwards!

Begin with your feet a little further than shoulder width apart. Chin up and eyes forward.

Bend your knees into a squat position and take your arms back while keeping your back straight.

Jump forward landing on both feet and, as you land, bend your knees to reduce impact.  Swing your arms to gain momentum and keep balance.

Take 2 small jumps back and finish in the start position.

Repeat the process above continually for 10 repetitions, or more if you’re feeling up to it.

If at any point you feel strain or discomfort in your knees, hips or back, slow down your movement and try not raising your knee quite as far.


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