Our first Low Impact Fitness Boot Camp Retreat

Our First Low Impact Fitness Retreat – 22nd JULY 5 DAY

We have designed a new type of bootcamp so that the Northern Bootcamp Experience is accessible to more people. If you love the idea and concept of a weight loss camp but have been too scared to sign up, then these camps could be the perfect option for you.  The concept is the same as all of our other camps in that you will eat delicious, well balanced nutritional home cooked food and exercise at your own individual level that is tailored specifically to you.

However, the major difference is that the exercise and activity sessions are low impact and therefore easier on your joints and muscles. For instance, you will never be required to run (unless you really want to) but you will still work your body and exercise at a level of intensity that is suitable for you.  We have included a whole range of exercise classes outdoor and indoor and being based in one of the UK’s most stunning areas, we will make sure that we get out to see it and exercise in the great outdoors as much as possible. Despite the camp being low impact, this does not mean low results. Tailored to you as individual, the nutritional meal plan and exercise sessions means there is great scope for fitness improvements and weight loss on our fitness and weight loss retreat.

Who is this camp suitable for?

Anyone recovering from injury

Pregnant and Post natal (beyond 6 weeks)

Older Adults (no age limit!)

Severely Obese

Anyone who has not exercised in 5+years and rates their fitness level as very poor.

The only pre-requisite is that you can walk at least one mile on flat terrain.

If you are still not sure that this is right for you, please give us a call or drop us a line.

What will I be doing there?

First of all it is important to emphasise that part of the Northern Bootcamp Ethos is “Challenge by Choice” you will never but forced to participate in any of the program, but will be fully encouraged and supported when you do.

A Typical Day may look like this:

0630 wake up

0700 morning walk on the beach

0830am breakfast (homemade muesli with banana milk and berries) 0930am nutritional seminar and discussion 1030am introduction to core stability 11am snack (veg crudités and humus) 1130am upper body toning circuit 1245pm lunch (spinach, chicken and mango salad) 1400pm Nordic walking – with poles along the beach 1600pm snack (NB flap jack) 1730pm trunk toning 1800pm dinner (teriyaki salmon with sweet potato chips and baby vegetables) Evening relaxation – optional walk, twilight swim or sleep!

The program looks full and is full, but it is all optional and there will often be alternatives available on afternoons.

Additional to this, we will include pool sessions (his does not mean that you need to be a swimmer), and plenty of walking in one of the UKs most beautiful areas. There are some fantastic coastal walks with the most amazing scenery, as well as unique forest trails all done with personal trainers that will help you to reach your limits and improve your fitness.  You will also have the option if desired to try some new more adventurous activities such as canoeing, sea swimming, cycling or abseiling.

Where will I stay?

You will stay at the Bootcamp venue in Bamburgh, Northumberland. This is a luxury holiday cottage, with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Room basis will be either a twin or single room and most with their own bathroom.  We can do train station pickups from Berwick Upon Tweed.

How much do they cost?

Twin room shared bathroom £545 pp

Twin room private bathroom £595pp

Private room shared bathroom £645 pp

Private room private bathroom £695 pp

When can I come?

The Low Impact Retreats start on a Monday at 12noon and finish on Friday at 10am.

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