Northern Bootcamp's Guide to keeping on track of your weight loss and fitness journey
Northern Bootcamp’s Guide to keeping on track of your weight loss and fitness journey

Northern Bootcamp’s Guide to keeping on track of your weight loss and fitness journey

Whether you are on your last day of a Northern Bootcamp, working with your personal trainer or flying with motivation, you will be on a high, driven and proud of what you have achieved.   You might also feel some trepidation about how you will keep on track of your fitness or weight loss when you get home or hit your target or goal.  How can I keep on track with my fitness?.  How can I stay motivated in summer with child care, work stress and summer BBQs?!!!

In this series of blog posts about staying on the fitness track, the Northern Bootcamp Team will share hints and tips with you to help you achieve your long term goals. We genuinely want you to find your balance and live a happy, energetic life, that is sustainable in everyday life (and outside of the Bootcamp house). Even if that means we never see your smiling (and sweaty) face again!

This first blog post covers how social media and other online resources can support you to stay motivated . It is all about surrounding yourself with positive, motivating information and continue to educate yourself about all things health and fitness.

I, Hetty have gathered together a few suggestions of Northern Bootcamp’s favourite Facebook pages, groups, blogs and podcasts to start you off. There is so much free and great content out there that it wont take long to set up a flow of information that you can dip into even on the busiest of days. For example why not listen to a podcast or audio book whilst driving to work ?Maximising on that down time to improve your fitness knowledge and get inspired to ensure you make your training session that night.

As well as introducing the positive impact of social media, it is equally important to reduce negative influences or temptations that pop up on news feeds, in magazines or on TV.  This might mean temporarily unfollowing friends on Facebook who are constantly posting mouthwatering photos from beer festivals or cake shops! They will never know and it could give you some breathing space whilst you establish healthier routines and habits. Having a brief break from watching episodes of Bake Off just might save you from diving into the nearest Victoria sponge!

To save you from all the temptations in the supermarket you could try using home delivery from one of the many online supermarket shopping apps/websites. Some of them let you set up regular shopping lists and delivery slots to ensure you have fresh and healthy food available when you need it and are much less likely to reach for a takeaway menu or have to throw out unused food.

If you have been on a Northern Bootcamp there may be a Whatsapp or Facebook group created by one of your group during camp. This is a fantastic way to egg each other on, sharing your training/weight loss achievements. Together with sharing pictures of your attempts at replicating Annie’s scrumptious cooking.  It doesn’t all have to be the good stuff either.  If you are finding something a particular struggle ask your fellow campers for ideas on what works in the real world. If a group hasn’t been set up then contact Leanne and she could ask your class if they would like to start one even after you have left.

Below is a list of links and blogs I use to keep me on track and hope they can support you also on your weight loss or fitness journey.  Let us know your favourite online resources by adding a comment:


General Health & Fitness with wide-ranging content

Abel James podcast

Ben Greenfield Fitness if you want to totally geek out.

Tim Ferris podcast for a huge variety of topics on the theme of being the best you can be.


Adventure & challenges

Alastair Humphries Microadventures for ideas on how to have short, simple, cheap and local adventures in the event you don’t have 12 weeks off work and stacks of cash!

Tough Girl podcast for interviews with inspiring women overcoming great challenges ranging from losing weight to rowing the Atlantic. There is also a very active and supportive Facebook group that you can join, where women of all abilities share info about their fitness and adventure challenges.

She Explores podcast for and about women who enjoy spending time in the outdoors

Inspirational Fitness/Adventure Documentaries or Films on Netflix

Make some healthy snacks, get the foam roller out and watch some films that will make you raring to get out and exercise:

  • Into the Wild
  • Finding Traction (trail running)
  • Pacific Warrier (rugby)
  • Valley Uprising
  • Barkley Marathons
  • Maiden Trip (sailing)
  • Losing Sight of Shore (rowing)
  • 100 Meters
  • Fittest on Earth (Crossfit)

Food ideas/recipes

Nomnom paleo

Marks Daily Apple

Workouts and videos

Northern Bootcamp Youtube channel we will be adding more video blogs to this in future.

MyoMy a library of workouts including kettlebells and body weight exercises.

For a massive library of workouts including kettlebells and body weight exercises

Strength Training

Breaking muscle 

Girls Gone Strong

Nia Shanks

Mobility WOD



So hopefully this will give you a little support on how to stay motivated. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, if you have finished your event, plateaued or reached your target we don’t want you to lose your fitness or weight loss direction. Also please, remember if you are a loyal client then we are always on hand to help and support with any questions, or queries you may have.

It’s now over to you, good luck and keep on track.

Take care, Hetty 


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