Northern Bootcamp #steppingoutthecomfortzone

Northern Bootcamp #steppingoutthecomfortzone

Caroline here, so I recently stepped out of my comfort zone to attend a yoga and surf retreat in the canary islands. 

The surfing was the part I was really looking forward to, the yoga was the real challenge for me. I have dabbled a little but my inability to sit still or lie down has always put me off. In turn my mobility and flexibility have suffered and this is by far my weakest area of fitness. Within the first 5 minutes of the session, I was indeed right, I was terrible, the worst in the group by far at many of the moves (I could manage the core and balance but that was all). I felt ridiculous and could not lie still on the first day. However by Day 4, I had embraced the meditation, was moving so much better and actually enjoying the head space that yoga can give you. I returned from the retreat being able to surf a tiny bit better and loving it even more, but also been ready to take time aside for my mind (and body) back in the busy life we lead.  I live by the importance of exercise and nutrition, but balance is crucial.  I will continue to keep stepping out of my comfort zone as the rewards at the other side are worth every second of discomfort.

Leanne here….. I have recently started training to become a Barre Fitness instructor @ The Barre studios based in Newcastle. Having not instructed before, this process has certainly taken me out of my comfort zone of being behind the scenes. This freelance role with compliment and gives balance to the administration role I do here at Northern Bootcamp.

For those of you not familiar with Barre Training. Barre is an exercise discipline derived from classical ballet. The movements are stripped back to just the muscle mechanics so you learn how to control the body like a dancer but without the dance. The benefits of Barre are akin to that of classical ballet. Stronger leaner and more durable muscles. Increased core and joint stability, functional mobility and flexibility.  Regular training helps prevent injury and can also be used as rehab from injury.


Northern Bootcamp is not just about fitness and weight loss, its allowing you the time to look to rebalance, prepare, take control and if needs be, change the direction you are taking, should you wish.

Our professional team of trainers and specialists can adapt to ensure your own personal goals are achieved. Giving you the tools and motivation and knowledge to take control of your health, which after all is the most important aspect of life that is not always in our gift.

To step out of your comfort zone contact or call us on 07886 349036 to chat through how we can support your goals and new challenges. 

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