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Is a Northern Bootcamp right for you ?

Is a Northern Bootcamp right for you ?

As Operations Manager at Northern Bootcamp for 5 years now, I have come to recognise the excited and nervous tone of not only a phone call enquiry but also able to read it through those initial emails. Embarking on an enquiry for a Bootcamp is not only daunting but an exciting experience, questions such as;


Will this be my turning point with weight loss and fitness ?

Can I really put myself through this voluntary ?

Why I am paying my hard earned cash to enter into this gruelling and intensive process ? 

Will I feel better physically and mentally after it ?

Do I really have enough clothes to fulfill the kit list ? ;-) 


Well the quick answer to all those questions is YES! Here at Northern Bootcamp we always advocate embarking on a camp is not to be viewed as a quick fix but the start of a new way of thinking, relating to your personal motivation, fitness and nutrition. Alternatively, if you are joining us  with a more fitness related goal then we are able to take your fitness and endurance to another level.

We have approximately 60 clients a month who have also made that decision (of their own free will and their own monies) to embark on a bootcamp and some are even repeating this process. We are very proud of our loyalty returner rate, with around 70% of clients returning, we are confident of the product and service we provide. Check out our independent reviews by clicking HERE for TRIP ADVISOR to hear straight from the horses mouth….so to speak.

Not only will a Northern Bootcamp make you feel physically and mentally rejuvenated (albeit a little stiff maybe) you will want to go home with your new found knowledge and skills and put this into action in everyday life. You may also want to kick your own family into action and tempt them with the healthy delights from our Bootcamp Kitchen.


Top 5 worries  I hear each week:

I am unfit and have not done anything like this before. Alternatively, I have a good level of fitness will Northern Bootcamp but able to push me further ?

I am worried about gaining weight and the onset of conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

I am about to turn 30, 40, 50 and 60 plus and want to do something outside my comfort zone to prove to myself that I can regain or maintain fitness and weight loss goals.

I have in my past had a good level of fitness but life and work have got in the way.

Will I feel silly or uncomfortable doing a Northern Bootcamp on my own ? 


After emailing and speaking to many clients over the years I can assure you that a Northern Bootcamp is an ideal environment and experience to settle your anxieties and channel and motivate a new way of thinking. The team take the time to get to know you and understand your reasons for joining us. Our trainers adapt sessions where necessary to ensure each member of the group works to the best of their ability ensuring they gain their full potential during their time with us.

All we ask is that you join us with a 100% dedication to work hard and try to expand your comfort zone. Majority of our clients have chosen to join us on their own, as this is personal decision and not always one you can talk a friend into….no matter how much you have on them ;-)

We have day camps to 14 day camps so able to offer lots of options depending on preference, budget and goal. Our most popular camp is our 7 day camp, due to the amazing results and all round experience. This also includes a nutrition seminar and 1-2-1 consultation with a trainer of your choice to secure a plan of how you will continue to work hard after your time has come to an end. However, if budget and time is not available then our 4 day camps are an ideal boost to motivation and still reap the reward in physical results.

We do have 11 and 14 day camps which run throughout the year for those who are looking to push that bit further and are very popular to get the best out of yourself and camp. Please click HERE to check out dates for 2018.

Long story short, whether you are new to bootcamp or have used ‘other’ camps in the past, Northern Bootcamp will live up to your expectation. Our clients continue to smash results each week but more importantly enjoy their experience and the majority even come back….so we can’t be that scary! We even have a Bootcamp Trailer so check out our summary of a camp in 3 minutes CLICK HERE:

Don’t let me be the only one to say this, whatever your worry or goal, I will be able to put you in touch with a previous client who has been in the same situation, who would be happy to speak to you to advocate the service from Northern Bootcamp, so please just ask.

As always I am available for you to fire any questions via phone, email, text, livechat or pigeon to put your mind at rest.

Please do challenge me to a question that I may have not been asked before (relating to Northern Bootcamp that’s is)

Email: or call 01668260076.

That’s all for now, hope it may have answered some initial questions or anxieties.

Over and Out


Operations Manager
Northern Bootcamp




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