Northern Bootcamp partnering with Yorkshire Lean Meat (new name of WORLD OF MEAT)

Northern Bootcamp partnering with Yorkshire Lean Meat (new name of WORLD OF MEAT)


Here at Northern Bootcamp we are always looking for ways to support our clients whilst on their Northern Bootcamp but also when they return back to the real world. We are asked weekly, how do you keep your motivation going and what is the best way to plan nutrition and meals when juggling everything else life throws at us?  The simple and best way to keep inspired is to not only plan fitness around your everyday life but also plan and forward think your meals and nutrition. This goes for both weight loss and fitness goals as we advocate in our very own Bootcamp Kitchen.

Northern Bootcamp working with Yorkshire Lean Meat to support  clients with preparation and nutrition support when they are back at home. As you know meat is a great source of protein and if you choose the right cuts then you get great nutritional benefits. At our fabulous kitchen here at Northern Bootcamp use only locally sourced produce mainly from Carters Butchers in Bamburgh. However, we appreciate that high quality meat is not always on hand for you all when you return home.

Caroline has tested the produce from this world-class, award-winning meat and feels  our clients would to benefit from it, to aid preparation at home.

Yorkshire Lean Meat are a prestigious online butcher based in Wetherby who are supplied by the award-winning Sykes House Farm.

They have put together some really good deals for us so that Northern Bootcamp weight loss and fitness clients can order all the meat they need for the month and get their protein fix for a reasonable price. To celebrate this we’re starting our partnership with an amazing offer of 15% off your first order and 10% off for all future orders.

Please use the following codes should you wish to take advantage:

NORTH15 for the first order giving 15% discount (one use only), then NORTH10 for 10% discount on all further orders.

Yorkshire Lean Meat are really keen to hear from you as well about any meat products that you want them to create to help with your food preparation and diet plans for the month.

Please do feedback to us here at Northern Bootcamp on the produce you receive.

Good Luck with your planning and keep motivated.

Any queries contact me at or call 07886 349036


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