60% of people return to our Weight Loss Boot camp

Northern Bootcamp… March camp in full swing!

All go on camp this week as we enter the second week of our 14 day camp.  It’s good to see a good mix of new and loyal campers with us.  We are very pleased and proud that almost 60% off our campers return to us for another instalment in NBC motivation and inspiration.

Despite the wind and rain you maybe having today we have been experiencing some beautiful weather up here on the beautiful Northumberland coast. We love that our camp has its own weather conditions and use the outdoors as much as possible.

We have the final places left for our April camps, 3rd, 23rd and 28th of April, so if you are looking to get the Spring back into your step before Easter, make sure you drop me a line Leanne@northernbootcamp.co.uk.


Beach Bootcamp Sprints


Sunrise Fartlek Bootcamp



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