Northern Bootcamp Loyal Clients Smashing Goals

Northern Bootcamp Loyal Clients Smashing Goals

Here at Northern Bootcamp we are always so proud to hear feedback from our clients who leave us filled with motivation and then go on to smash goals and challenges out of the park! The sense of achievement after you leave a Northern Bootcamp is immense and when clients fill their lifestyles goals whilst with us, we hope that they remain motivated to keep it going.

Loyal client Liz Hall has managed to hit her target of loosing weight with a healthy eating plan and a blast of Northern Bootcamp to keep her going and motivated. She lost a total of 9 stone over a 9 month timeframe. Which is an absolutely brilliant achievement, this is completely transforming her future but also inspiring others also to keep going and keep on track. Well done Liz!

Also inspiring those around her, the amazing Erica Clarkson has gone from her Couch to 154.97km ! Two summers ago (almost to the day) she rocked up for her first Northern Bootcamp. Our team on camp kicked her into shape, which inspired and motivated her as she left through our gates. Last month she went on to complete her 6th ultra-marathon and the longest so far – Scotland’s iconic West Highland Way Race. 96 miles from Glasgow to Fort William.

She reported, ‘there was no glory, but a lot of guts (mostly spewed up on the side of the trail) – 166th overall and 14th FV40’.  She contacted the team to thank Northern Bootcamp. Stating her life has been transformed.


These ladies are just a couple of the clients we have had feedback through recently. We will keep you updated with further challenges smashed along the way.  Northern Bootcamp are overwhelmed at how many lives are changed and adoration for the team on camp through reviews and feedback remains very close to out hearts and we thank you for reminding us each day of the good work that is done.

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