Northern Bootcamp on why you should enter an event ?
Northern Bootcamp on why you should enter an event ?

Northern Bootcamp on why you should enter an event ?

Why should I enter an Event?

Entering an event is fantastic way to keep you motivated and can also help to take your fitness to the next level. Once you have signed the entry form, it feels like there is no going back and now you have a goal to train for. It is so easy to choose the couch over your trainers when the weather is bad or the nights draw in. However, knowing that you will have no choice of couch on event day, will help you to choose your trainers.


Which event shall I enter?

Before choosing an event, think about your current level of fitness or skill. The timescale of the event needs to be realistic so that you can complete the event.

Next consider what it is you would like to do? What do you enjoy? Do you want to try something different? Do you want a big challenge? Do you want to improve your fitness in a particular area or in mixed disciplines?

There are lots of running events from complete beginner events to ultramarathons.  To keep you training, chose something that is challenging but achievable. If you run regularly then a 5k is not enough, if you have never ran before a 5k race maybe just perfect check out the Try couch to 5k program.

Running Legs

If you absolutely hate running, why not look for a cycle challenge or a swimming event?

There are bike races all over the country all throughout the year, aimed at different levels of fitness. There are also open water swimming races and pool events too.

If you are after something challenging but fun, then an Obstacle race might be the answer. From 5k to Marathons, the popularity of these events has gone through the roof. Inflatable obstacles, zombies, mud and swamps will help to take your mind off the running and more on the fun.

To search for an event of your choice and around your area try using an excellent resource for event searching.

Multi-discipline events such as triathlons and adventure races are also a fantastic way to challenge yourself. The world of triathlon is growing fast and growing wide. There are some excellent online resources such as Beginner Triathlete offering training plans and support.


Adventure racing is a whole new world of fun and challenge. If one sport isn’t enough, then try adding in 2,3 or more. Most adventure races incorporate a degree of navigation and decision making. I personally love this aspect of it, the exercise is almost forgotten about as you go on a mission to find the next checkpoint, or complete the next challenge. The heb challenge was an adventure race and I, Caroline completed it this year, as a pair with a friend and along with 4 other friends, so it was an amazing event. It was brutal and really tough at times, especially in 50mph winds, but it definitely helped all of us train hard and some of the girls I did it with in particular really changed their lives. We are now all eager for the next event and are currently deciding to choose our 2018 challenge.

This blog post should really come with a word of warning:

Events are addictive.

There are worse addictions you could have but they are often expensive, time consuming but bring an amazing feeling afterwards……. just like a Northern Bootcamp!

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