Northern Bootcamp - tips on keeping children active!

Northern Bootcamp -tips and links on keeping children entertained and active!

With the half-term holidays upon us and the majority of the Northern Bootcamp Team with children under the age of 7. We personally know how important it is to keep them active and entertained.  Not only during the holidays but as part of their growing up.

It is terrifying to read that over a third of our children in the UK between 2 and 15 are being deemed overweight. Physical activity in children has a number of benefits which include healthy growth and development.  This will naturally help children maintain a healthy weight and give them an opportunity to interact with other people and make friends. Activities that put stress on children’s bones, including jumping and skipping, can help protect against osteoporosis in later life and develop strong, healthy bones.

Keeping them entertained:

It gets the to the school holidays and we are all prone to typing in the search engine ‘activities during half term’ and scrolling through the many options of events, theme parks and zoos, although we all know in the back of our mind, this is the worst thing to do when you have kids, is to go to these kind of places during the kids holidays!

Just because you have children, doesn’t mean you ignore the nightmare and craziness of school holidays it just gives you the ability to let it wash over you, as you have no choice.

So this coming half term, why not look at alternative ways of entertaining your cherubs to keep them active and will hopefully stop you needing to get a second mortgage. Get them to see your region or countryside in a different way!

I have pasted some links below, to get you and your family motivated this May week and enjoy the outdoors around you.

active kids northern bootcamp

Tips and Links

Check out the Visit England, inspire me section on their site, this gives you the ability to pin point what you want out of your day. Highly recommend.

Discover English or Scottish Heritage and bring out the adventurous side to you and your children.

Personally, I sometimes use a group on Facebook to get our family ideas from, will paste below, however I would assume most regions will have the same group:

actice kids northemberland

Whatever you do to entertain your family, remember BE MOTIVATED, BE ENERGISED! and your children will follow in your footsteps!



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