A residential boot camp can boost your fitness

Northern Bootcamp can kickstart your fitness

Have you ever considered how beneficial a residential boot camp could be for your fitness? It could either be the kickstart you need to lose weight and feel fitter, or it could be the final push you need to transform your lifestyle forever.

By far the hardest part of exercise is getting started. If you feel out of shape and sluggish, and you’re busy at work, it can be hard to get over the initial ‘hump’.

Worst of all, it is easy to forget how great you feel when you are in good shape – struggling up stairs and generally lacking energy becomes your default disposition.

Routine can be a great thing, when you are fit and in the routine of doing regular exercise that you enjoy. But equally, routine can be the enemy of getting started and breaking your bad habits.

Sometimes all that’s needed is something to break those bad habits, and top give you new impetus as you look to change your lifestyle for the better.

A residential boot camp can be the perfect answer. Whether you join for a day, two days or even two weeks, it takes you out of your comfort zone, breaking that routine and enabling you to forget your problems and limitations, putting you on the road to feeling great about yourself.

Our boot camps are the opposite of what you might expect, too: despite what people often think, almost everyone who attends is surprised by how much they actually enjoy themselves, which is why we get so many people coming back for more.

All of our classes are designed to be fun and effective. We create exciting challenges, amazing exercises and provide great, healthy, expertly-prepared meals.  We lace every camp experience with adventure and the opportunity to try new activities that you may never have imagined your body or mind capable of. It is and you are!

So if you need a jump start in a bid to get fit, for any reason, from any starting point at all do give us a call.

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