New record breakers in 2013 Weight Loss Boot Camp!

Weight Loss Record Breakers in 2013

All the Record Breakers in 2013, who have topped the leader boards will receive a £50 gift voucher.  We are so proud of all the efforts put into fitness and weight loss this year and want to congratulate everyone who broke a bootcamp record in 2013.


The Weight Loss Record Breakers in 2013 are as follows:

The Biggest Loser Awards:

4 Day Camp

Male: Tony Ingles 11lbs

Tony Ingles Award











Female: Nicola Smith and Emma Halliday 9lbs


7 Day Camp

Male:  Clive Kerr 2 Stone 7lbs


Female: Emma Halliday 1 stone 3lbs

Male: Chris Coupe 1 stone 10lbs

Chris coupe award

Female: Laura Singer 1 stone 3lbs


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