Northern Bootcamp: non-military style weight loss boot camp
Northern Bootcamp: non-military style

Northern Bootcamp: non-military style

You may have seen pictures this week of the England football squad being put through its paces by Royal Marines on a military-style ‘bootcamp’ experience.

It made for some great shots as footballers who, let’s face it, have something of a reputation as pampered millionaires, were subjected to some fairly brutal-looking treatment. It almost made us feel sorry for them (but not quite).

Even manager Gareth Southgate got in on the act – and you can see the rest of the pictures here:

Gareth Southgate gets a dunking. Pic from Barry Wheeler/Royal Navy/The FA.

It feels like a good time to remind everyone that Northern Bootcamp is totally non-military in style. Our co-founder, Dan, has a background in the forces, and he puts that knowledge to use every single day, but we prefer to offer our campers a more luxurious experience.

We find it helps get better results, and we like to keep people motivated with positive reinforcement rather than using fear and intimidation.

So, it may well be amusing to see Raheem Sterling getting a soaking in a few feet of muddy water, but rest assured that’ll never happen to you at Northern Bootcamp!

If you fancy all the fitness without any of the fear, give us a call or drop us a line. Contact details here.

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