The boot camp guide to why resolutions fail, and how to keep them

Why New Year’s resolutions fail – and the boot camp guide to keeping them

We’re now half-way into January and there’s a good chance the majority of New Year’s Resolutions have been ditched already.

What’s more, it’s estimated that, by the end of the month, less than 10 per cent of resolutions will actually have been kept. It’s a vicious cycle, because resolutions made with good intentions, and with the intention of making ourselves look and feel better, frequently end up doing the opposite. Nobody enjoys failing, after all.

In this two-part blog, we look at why resolutions fail – and in part two we’ll look at ways to ensure those resolutions stick.

It’s not surprising, really, because there are a number of factors that contribute to the mass resolution failure we see each year, such as:

The timing. People like to make a new start for the new calendar year, but January is a terrible time to attempt to make major lifestyle changes. Our bodies are telling us to eat stodgy food and to stay in our cosy living rooms – not eat salads and go out to exercise.

Sky-high ambitions. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with aiming high and having a bit of ambition, but it’s possible to over-do it. People create huge lists of life-improvements they want to make, which creates a daunting and unassailable task.

A lack of realism. As well as the length of the lists, it’s easy to set really difficult targets. At boot camp we help people lose staggering amounts of weight throughout the year, so we know it’s not easy. Failing to set sensible, achievable targets is the first step towards failing to hit them.

Giving up fun stuff. OK, even if you’ve over-indulged at Christmas, it can be a bad idea to give up everything you enjoy – you’ll just make yourself miserable. Trying to take up exercise at the same time as giving up chocolate, alcohol and take-aways will just give you the blues.

Look out for part two in which we give tips on making resolutions stick – no matter when in the year you decide to do them.

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