The penultimate Residential Boot Camp of 2013!

NBC getting ready for their penultimate camp of 2013!

So as we approach our penultimate camp we are over the moon with the results and feedback that we have been receiving lately.  We are very proud of all our campers and their achievements and love to receive emails and updates on what is happening in their real word as they carry on their everyday lives with new motivation and goals! So please do keep the emails coming in as we are compiling quotes and tit bits for our newsletters and website to show future new campers what can be achieved and how to keep it going.

Below is a pic of our last 14 day campers of the year.  They managed to loose a massive 5 stone between them and raise their fitness levels incredibly.  WELL DONE and good luck as this is there first week back in their in the normal routines. As always you know the NBC Team are always here for on-going advice and support.



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