Tony Dunn - Coach at Northern Bootcamp
Tony Dunn

Tony Dunn

Name: Tony Dunn

Age: 34

Worked at Northern Bootcamp since: January 2018

Life pre-Northern Bootcamp: 

After finishing college at 19 (sports and exercise science), I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I had had enough formal education. So just wanting to make some money I did any job people had for me, a few at a time sometimes. I have done so many different jobs labourer (in most trades), delivery driver, screen printer, sporting cloths sales and my final trade before coming back to my true calling was hospitality. But as I said I always loved helping people in the gym. So qualified as a personal trainer. While working in a gym Caroline asked me to come for a tryout, and as they say, the rest is history.

Team role: Coach

Perfect day off: As sad as it sounds it would start with a session in the gym throwing some weight around. Finding an adventure of some description (hopefully in the sun, or on the water) with my partner and kids. Then relax and watch a good movie till I nod off on the sofa.

Highlight of your job: Well my speciality is strength training, for me seeing people experience their strength that they didn’t know they had is just great.

Favourite quote: If you tell yourself you can, or if you tell yourself your can’t your probably right.
Henry Ford.

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