Meet Leanne @ Northern Bootcamp

Meet Leanne @ Northern Bootcamp


For all your questions and queries, Leanne is the non stop shop for all pre and post Northern Bootcamp enquires. For almost 8 years , Leanne has worked behind the scenes here at Northern Bootcamp ensuring all our clients are attended to and advised correctly on what you can expect from Northern Bootcamp but more importantly what can be achieved by you.

Northern Bootcamp is an ideal  place to reset the mind and body allowing you to focus your energy on you for a change. Looking to change your direction or step up to the next level we guarantee you will leave us here at Northern Bootcamp fitter, happier and healthier!!

Contact or feel free to give her a call on 07886 349036  to discuss your expectations and needs.

After all these years and thousands of clients she understands often the biggest step to booking your camp with us is that first call or email! So fire all your queries and worries etc to her! I can assure you, she will have heard them before and you are in good hands!!

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