Low-fat = low nutrients: Why we love whole foods

Low-fat = low nutrients: Why we love whole foods

Far too many fad diets come and go without proving to be beneficial, and there’s one health trend that has stuck on for a long time: ‘low fat’ items.

You might have seen recent headlines that claim “Eat fat to get thin” or “Low fat, the FULL truth: Why ‘HEALTHY’ food isn’t necessarily the BEST option…”

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But what exactly is their point?

Well, what experts from the National Obesity Forum have recently claimed is that, basically, relying on unnatural foods that are processed to be ‘low-fat’ is not an effective way to lose weight. Think low-fat ready-made meals, ‘lite’ butter spreads and no-fat, no-calories snack alternatives.

Instead, they recommend eating whole foods (some of which may contain a higher fat content) like avocados, fish, dairy and meat.

Backlash has ensued from this report, with other health agencies claiming that a high-fat diet is NOT the way to lose weight.

Unfortunately, aiming to eat healthy can be very confusing. And these random, bold claims about diet can make it hard to make a healthy, responsible decisions when it comes to eating well.

At Northern Bootcamp, we follow a somewhat strict outline of what foods to eat a lot of, and the ones to try to avoid. And you’ll find that it does not include ‘lite butter spreads’ or refined carbs – or a ‘diet,’ per se.

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Once you get into a decent exercise routine, your body will naturally start to crave food it needs. Our dietary ideals are based on real, whole foods for an active body…

  • protein (and healthy fats) from primarily lean meats to fuel your workouts
  • vegetables to provide nutrients and carbohydrates (yes, carbohydrates come in a healthy form!)
  • good fats from nuts, avocados, healthy oils (i.e. coconut oil) or healthy dairies (like Greek yoghurt) to satisfy you while providing stamina for exercise
  • fruit for a nice, natural sugar boost
  • oats, lentils, dark green vegetables as complex carbs, to provide energy to keep you going


Not only do we provide a full menu of whole food meals during your stay at boot camp, we also have some very exciting news… we will be releasing a cook book of the very best NB kitchen recipes and recommendations soon! Watch this space.

In the meantime, avoid the complexities by simply eating natural foods and control your weight by controlling your portion size. Choose vegetables over crisps, fruit over sweets, and healthy starches like sweet potatoes over pasta. Keep portions small; focus on quality foods. Skip anything processed and cook for yourself. You can do this!

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