Introducing Northern Bootcamp operations manager Leanne

Northern Bootcamp operations manager Leanne

As I sit to write a blog about myself, I realise how diverse my background has been! However, without any one of my life/work experiences I wouldn’t be sitting here, in my perfect role, doing what I feel I do best.

At the age of 16 I left my friends and family to embark on a three-year intensive performing arts course at the prestigious Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom. From there I spent two years in Gran Canaria and four years sailing the seven seas, as a dancer on board cruise ships and general entertainment duties.

Having travelled and met some amazing people, I felt it was time to put some roots down as I felt a ‘proper’ job was needed. As I had honed my people skills I naturally fell into various customer facing roles over the years, finally settling within the British Airways Customer Relations Team based in Newcastle.

I met my own Mr Smith (honestly we are not all related!) and with our first child Evan, I thought BA would be my future, until the call that changed everything!

Whilst on maternity with our second child, George, I would never have guessed that one phone call from my very good friend Caroline would change my direction. Those words….’Leanne do you mind giving me a hand?’ How could I refuse my friend of almost 30 years!….sssshhhh surely it can’t be that long!

For almost 8 years I have worked from home as the Operations Manager for Northern Bootcamp, dealing with all aspects of the company, apart from actually delivering camps, I must add!

After leaving school at 16 and embarking on the big bad world early, I am now at the age of 40 with two children, I completed my Business and Management Hons Degree in 2017. It was a challenge at times but I enjoyed preparing myself as Northern Bootcamp embarks on world domination! I have also trained in 2019 as a Barre Fitness instructor @ The Barre Newcastle, so with Northern Bootcamp and The Barre, I am a busy bee!

It is a pleasure and honour to work for such an inspiring company which is constantly evolving. The feedback and motivation that each camper exudes after they take part in a camp makes the sales side of my role extremely easy. Caroline and Dan are integral to the success and ethos of the business and I am very proud to wear my green hoody and be a part of the Northern Bootcamp family.

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