Why we’re not so sure about the new 10-a-day guidelines | Infographic

This infographic explains why we’re not so sure about the new 10-a-day guidelines

Last month, the government changed its guidelines regarding how much fruit and veg we should be eating per day. In case you missed it, 10-a-day is the new 5-a-day; but we’re not so sure.

We have two main issues with this. Sure, we definitely agree that everyone would benefit from eating healthier, but 10-a-day is just too high to be an official recommendation. Second, we’re concerned that in an effort to cram in 10-a-day, consumers may opt for the quick fixes (store-bought smoothies/salads/ready meals etc.). While they may be marketed as contributing to your 10-a-day, the truth is that the amount of sugar in these products negates any potential health benefits.

This infographic neatly demonstrates our concern:

10-a-day infographic

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