What should you include in your weekly training routine?

What should you include in your weekly training routine?


Before anything else, the first thing you must do is identify your goals. Do you want to build muscle or lose weight? Or are you training for a specific event such as a marathon? Try to make these goals “S.M.A.R.T” this means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

The best way to stick to a weekly training routine is to plan one. But what should you include? A good mixture of sessions will give you a well-rounded practice. Variety is the spice of life, so flavour your routine with as many different types of workouts possible. Here are some of our key elements to include in your weekly training routine…



Don’t be afraid of the free-weight zone or any of the weight machines in the gym. It’s important to build strength no matter what your goals are, but it also improves your chances of weight loss! It is essential that you do this at least once a week. Make sure to work all your muscles groups evenly and seek assistance from a trained professional if you have any questions. You can read more about this in our blog post here.



Using a cardiovascular function to increase your heart rate can be greatly beneficial to your stamina and recovery time. Joining a sports team who practice once a week can be a good way to commit, and it will also benefit you both physically and socially. Workouts like HIIT or interval training can also achieve a lot in a short space of time, this should be one 1-2 times a week.


Stretching / Core Sessions

It is essential that you stretch after every session as it can greatly improve your muscle’s capability to rebuild and grow. Yoga can be a great way to stretch and work on your core fitness at the same time. Try this on a rest day or join a class for a more intense session.


Rest day

One thing that you should absolutely include in your weekly training routine is a rest day. This gives you a chance to relax and will help rebuild muscles, bones, nerves and connective tissue. Try a gentle walk or fun cycle with friends or family.



Try to consider your workouts when you are planning your meals. Keep in mind what is best to eat before and after workouts in order to make the most out of your sessions. Read our other blog on macronutrients to find out more about how to build food into your weekly training routine.


When planning your weekly training routine please consider that everyone is different, and you must take into consideration your own personal abilities, commitments and goals.

Struggling to stick to a training routine? Get in touch with us to discuss your goals or book a boot camp to learn how to transform your exercise routine!

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