The importance of stretching
The importance of stretching:

The importance of stretching:

Stretching is a practice widely performed by professional athletes and gym goers alike – but what is the importance of stretching?

The results may not be as obvious as 40 squats a day, but stretching shouldn’t be overlooked -stretching can increase your flexibility, decrease stress and reduce stiffness.

Whilst stretching is important, stretching a tendon just 4% beyond its original length can cause permanent damage – so it’s essential to know the different types of stretching before setting off!

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What are the types of stretching?

Static stretching:

Holding your muscle in a challenging but comfortable position for around 10-30 seconds – static stretching should be performed after your warm up.

Example: Shoulder Stretch

Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation:

PNF is an advanced type of stretching. The technique requires the contraction and retraction of your muscles – PNF stretching is often used for training and rehabilitation.

Example: Kneeling Quad Stretch

Dynamic stretching:

Performing repetitive gentle movements of a muscle to increase the range of motion. Dynamic stretching builds and warms the muscle and is great pre-workout.

Example: walking lunges

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But, why is stretching important?

Improved quality of life:

Increased flexibility can improve your quality of life, especially as you grow older – as the body ages the muscles shorten and weaken, regular stretching can reduce this.

Decreased stress:

Stretching stimulates the receptors in the nervous system that produce stress hormones and lengthens muscles which relieves tension in your body and mind.

Enhances health:

Yoga and PNF have been linked to improved health conditions including lower blood pressure and lower heart rates.

Stimulates athletic performance:

Regular stretching increases the mobility of your muscles! Increased mobility is beneficial during sporting activities and allows a larger range of movement.

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Stretching has come a long way since that warm-up in P.E class!

To learn more about stretching or health and fitness why not book a fitness boot camp?

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Northern Bootcamp is still operating

As a result of COVID 19 and the most recent Tier restrictions, we are currently unable to operate our business as usual.

However, we continue to adapt and look for the positives as so long as you are healthy there really is nothing more important.  Our virtual online fitness classes have started again,  and it is wonderful to see so many familiar and lots of new faces. There are up to 4 different classes per day, taken by the owners themselves, Dan and Caroline.   All levels of ability are welcome with adaptations for injuries or mobility offered. If you would like to add some variety to your training, or simply make a start to exercise, please click here for more info.

Coming soon and available to order are Bootcamp Kitchen Christmas Hampers, packed full of healthy goodies to keep you on the right track through December. If you are interested in these, please send an email to [email protected] for more info.

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We hope to start our residential bootcamps again in January.   The bootcamp itself is now a more personal experience. We have spent the autumn expanding the facilities and in January the new additions will be complete. These include a hot tub, a barrel sauna, a BBQ grill house for the final supper and a brand new fitness studio.  There are new measures are in place to manage social distancing and keep everyone safe. However, the atmosphere, the activities, the stunning location and the feeling of immense well-being strongly remains.

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Thank you for patience, support and understanding.

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